Top Influential People Who Are Investors of Bitcoin

Top Influential People Who Are Investors of Bitcoin

With their brilliant strategy, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are undoubtedly wrecking havoc on the financial industry. This is clear from how slowly the conversation about digital currencies, which was previously uncontroversial, is evolving. People are investing in this amazing cryptocurrency by greater means. Even the top billionaires are promoting Bitcoin by investing big amounts in it. Let us have a look at some of those big names playing a crucial role in the growth of Bitcoin. Before you proceed, you might want to check first the conversion of Bitcoin to MPESA.

[1] Barry Silbert. The founder of Digital Currency Group and venture capitalist, Barry Silbert was the ancient acceptor of Bitcoin. He had his faith in Bitcoin when no one else did. His company has invested in 125 different cryptocurrencies. In 2014, he also founded a second market, which allows private companies and mutual funds to raise capital more proficiently. Additionally, it gives shareholders liquidity by streamlining complicated investment procedures and improving investor relations. His estimated net worth is $500 million, according to reports. Barry Silbert is one of the most prosperous cryptos investors around the clock.

[2] Dan Morehead. He is the founder and CEO of Pantera Capital, an investment company located in San Francisco, which majorly focuses on Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies. According to research, he created the first US crypto fund when Bitcoin was only worth $65 per unit. Also, he was the first one to provide a precautionary ICO fund.

His company Pantera became the first investment firm to start infusing and trading in Bitcoin. A survey revealed that the bitcoin funds managed by his company Pantera Capital had distributed $24,000 to their investors.

[3] Blythe Masters. A renowned Wall Street success and former CEO of Digital Asset Holdings, Blythe Masters is a bitcoin investor. It’s crucial to keep in mind that Digital Asset Holdings is a well-known provider of financial services and that it creates its solutions using distributed ledger technology. In fact, studies show that 43% of Bitcoin investors are women.

[4] Roger Ver. He is known as the Bitcoin Jesus. He is one of the first Bitcoin millionaires to gather 100,000 Bitcoins. Roger Ver is a well-known libertarian who left college to focus solely on his bitcoin-related assignments. Robert’s vision is to build a libertarian society in which every person has complete control over his or her own life and is free to do whatever he or she pleases with their property.

Additionally, he founded the Bitcoin-based website, which was the first to accept bitcoins as payment for a vast array of goods. He also began making investments in Bitcoin Cash.

[5] Charlie Shrem. Undoubtedly, one of the most contentious Bitcoin investors is Charlie Shrem. At the time when Bitcoin was setting its foot in the crypto market, he invested large amounts in it. He was only 22 when he started his own company called Bitinstant. He participates actively in the Bitcoin Foundation. Charlie started giving speeches at conferences and assisting start-ups with company growth while drawing on his knowledge of eCommerce and the finance sector.

He was also found guilty in the money laundering case at the end of December 2014, and he was given a 2-year prison term. After being freed from jail, he came across a startup plan called Intellisys Capital, which sells investment portfolios in blockchain startups.


 These big billionaires discussed above are some of the smartest personalities. They invested in Bitcoin when it was new in the market, and nobody knew that it existed. As a result of their early investments, they are receiving the large benefits of it. It is correctly said, as you sow, so shall you reap.

Bitcoin has undoubtedly proven itself to be the leader of the crypto world. People are adapting it at a great intensity as compared to other cryptocurrencies. in fact, there are many veterans in the industry who know it better and have better hope with it. They have faith that Bitcoin will grant them better returns than any other digital currency. The solid infrastructure of Bitcoin provides greater stability to this currency.

These big business professionals are setting an example for the general public to invest in this popular cryptocurrency which has substantial benefits.