Top 10 Personal Finance Blogs in the Philippines

Top 10 Personal Finance Blogs in the Philippines

[Updated, 11 May 2020] Admit it, Filipinos are innately resourceful and idealistic. When faced with financial crisis and challenges, we always have short-term solutions. In fact, creative ideas about personal finance have since been running on our minds for quite a long time. However, the sad fact — we have just been financially complacent.

Breaking the cycle of complacency, the unexamined culture of ‘isang kahig, isang tuka,’ more and more millennials have started getting critical and conscious with their financial status, hence self-educating themselves about personal finance, income opportunities, investment instruments, and others. Now, here is our list of helpful personal finance blogs in the Philippines:

[1] Ready To Be Rich | Fitz Villafuerte. Satisfying online readers from almost all walks of life with no-nonsense finance-related articles for almost ten years now, Ready To Be Rich has undoubtedly established itself as a helpful and reliable resource of tips and informative discussions on business, investments, personal finance, and others.

Fitz Villafuerte, the man behind the success of one of the top personal finance blogs in the Philippines, is a Filipino entrepreneur, investor, and Registered Financial Planner. What is even more interesting about him as a blogger is that he has this informed advocacy of guiding young working professionals towards financial freedom; hence, he keeps his avid readers abreast of finance-related trends.

[2] Millionaire Acts | Tyrone Solee. Inspired by a film that centers on the powerful ‘Law of Attraction,’ Millionaire Acts came into the blogosphere in 2008 (11 years and getting even more popular amongst finance-interested millennials) as a journal of Tyrone Solee which was initially aimed at keeping himself on track of his informed goal —- to become a millionaire.

Undeniably, Millionaire Acts has already broadened its network and exposure from a humble personal finance blog through dozens of media mentions and appearances. Interestingly, it covers a wide niche in business and entrepreneurship, personal finance, investments, frugal living tips, and others.

[3] Life and Personal Finance | Randell Tiongson. One of the most experienced and respected personal finance coaches in the Philippines, Randell Tiongson is no question the man to consult with when conscious matters about financial planning, banking, mutual funds, insurance and business consultancy are involved.

Life and Personal Finance, a wing (simply click on BLOG) of his self-named web domain, offers professional financial articles. Equally important, this personal finance blog promotes financial literacy among OFW’s, hence, Randell Tiongson’s speaking engagements in different parts of the world where Filipinos are.

[4] FQMom | Rose Fres Fausto. The FQMom, Rose Fres Fausto, is an investment banker turned full-time homemaker and now writer, speaker, behavioral economist, and certified Gallup Strengths coach. She believes that raising her children with high FQ (Financial Intelligence Quotient) is important.

As she writes, an FQ Mom is not only interested in money matters, but also in relationships, other aspects of parenting, womanhood, behavioral economics and what’s happening in the world.

[5] My Finance MD | Pinky De Leon-Intal. My Finance MD is a financial advocacy platform that aims to make the Filipino nation richer by making the people financially fit and wealthy with a purpose, by education and personalized planning. It offers some holistic approach to address financial ailments through a personalized wealth plan.

Dr. Pinky De Leon-Intal is a board-certified medical physician, a registered financial consultant, certified investment solicitor, associate estate planner, and financial wellness advocate.

[6] SavingsPinay | Clariza Glino. SavingsPinay, as Clariza Glino writes, is built to help individuals start their passion and hustle their way to financial success. It covers various core concepts in personal finance including living with a budget, investing in the Philippines, retiring young, and making extra income while on a full-time job.

Izza, with SavingsPinay, has made it possible to publish her monthly recap and extra income report to help her stay on track with her finances, stay accountable with all her goals and decisions, and encourage her readers to pursue their passion and hustle their way to financial freedom.

[7] signed MARCO | Marc Kenneth Marquez. Formerly publishing as iMillennial, signed MARCO | Lifestyle and Personal Finance is a Philippine-based online publisher and resource of lifestyle, personal finance, and other investment-related advice, insights, and guides. In a nutshell, this blog promotes financial literacy among young Filipino millennials in the Philippines and around the world.

signed MARCO believes that financial literacy must be at the forefront of education and economic policies. Managing finances and making informed decisions about investments and business ventures, as widely recognized important life skills, must be acquired as soon as one recognizes his economic being.

[8] Piso and Beyond! | Jeffrey Reyes. Piso and Beyond covers various topics in investments, businesses, and personal finance and aims to play a vital role in the blogging community upon promoting and uplifting financial literacy and consciousness among Filipinos.

Jeff introduces himself as a teacherpreneur and a programmer by profession who has found blogging a vital part of his personal finance advocacy as he works his way towards time and financial freedom.

[9] Frugal Honey | Jill Sabitsana. Shifting focus from beauty and motherhood to personal finance, a young family-oriented lawyer, Jill Sabitsana, blogs about her day-to-day budget management, practical and informed decisions on investments, emergency funds, and others.

Frugal Honey can be a good source of tips on how to manage household expenses effectively. What makes this personal finance blog worth subscribing is the practical frugality that Jill Sabisana promotes.

[10] Rock To Riches! | Burn Gutierrez. Recently redesigned, Rock To Riches! is more than just an online journal. It documents the experiences and struggles in financial management of one of our most respected personal finance bloggers in the Philippines, Burn Gutierrez. A line from him, ‘I vowed never to be poor again,’ talks a lot about his deeply rooted inspiration.

An ex-OFW, Burn Gutierrez is an advocate of financial education, music, creativity, and social responsibility. Also, he is the Co-Founder and Chairman of Angat Pilipinas Coalition for Financial Literacy, Inc. Check other Personal Finance Blogs in the Philippines here.

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