The Story Behind the Metaverse

The Story Behind the Metaverse

The Metaverse was released in 1992 through the American writer Neal Stephenson’s science fiction novel called Snow Crash here. However, it was not until last year that publicity began to be given about the new era of the Metaverse and virtual reality as a new way of life.

Origin of the Metaverse. Although most of the creators of the most notorious Metaverses of the moment consider that this should be something unique, the most logical idea is that all these platforms based on virtual reality should exist together and function in a decentralized manner.

It is to offer users different 3D spaces and at the same time be interconnected where the set of standards, technologies, access mechanisms, material, and experiences that integrate the real world and the virtual world is as natural as possible.

Highlights of the Metaverse. The Metaverse is a concept that can generate abrupt changes in our daily life and its schemes, but it is not considered a relatively new topic; it had already been seen about the creation of virtual reality, only that it had not been taken as a fact.

Leading promoters of the Metaverse are the creators of video games that have been recreating life in 3D for a long time, where most of its users are so involved that they are already part of their source of income.

The union of two essential entertainment industries today, such as video games and social networks, has given way to the new technological era that is only a few years away from exploding and is none other than Web 3.

This new term for the web does base on the use of the blockchain platform, which would directly involve the digital market and crypto-assets.

On the other hand, the creation of avatars is distinguished to be part of this Metaverse, which does characterize by being a personal portrait of the user, just like the profile picture of any social network, only animated.

This avatar will have its own life and be able to carry out the activities that the user wishes, allowing its interrelation with other avatars and the daily activities of this world in creation.

Finally, there are the applications that will allow people to enter these virtual reality worlds, making the lives of their avatars something normal like people in real life.

This last phase is where the big technology corporations invest a large amount of their capital. Users of the Metaverse have suitable devices and the right applications so that sensory experiences are as real as possible.

The Metaverse will be 100% digital, where users will have the possibility of transporting themselves through virtual worlds that perfectly simulate the real world, getting in and out without any delay, all in real-time.

Who Builds the Metaverse? Metaverse, as indicated above, has been developed for a long time, only that until now, it has sparked significant controversy among its possible users and investors.

Some of the brands that have begun to build their Metaverses are Roblox or Fortnite. Their worlds were designed solely and exclusively for entertainment through games where users can socialize and share experiences such as virtual concerts among their real and virtual friends.

On the other hand, the most recent intruder in the Metaverse is Facebook, which stopped being called that to now be called Meta, where according to its creator, it will be allowed to socialize, study, work and do sports, among many other daily activities but in its virtual world.

Who Can Enter the Metaverse? The Metaverse has no limitation on who can enter it; all those who wish to live this virtual reality experience can join and be part of this technological generation.

It can be achieved through mobile or computer access with VR glasses to have a whole experience; everything will depend on the technology of the device used.

The investment of many large technology companies comes in, which design different models of comfortable and ergonomic glasses so that users do not have any limitations when getting involved in the Metaverse.

Conclusion. It is essential to highlight that to enter this Metaverse; users must do so through their avatars, which will be in charge of interacting and socializing in this virtual world.

Informing ourselves about these new technological strategies is essential because the new generations from the smallest are the ones who will have to live with this new virtual environment.