Top Cities Where You Can Start Your Business

Top Cities Where You Can Start Your Business

For many people, to start and own a business is a dream. But whether small or big, business will always be a business. It may come in form of product or service rendered. Mainly, management and marketing process are partnered on the planning strategy for start-up entrepreneurs.

Place is one of the major Ps’ of marketing from product, price, and promotion. Place is the prime location of your business which integrates the rest of Ps. Well planning process will go a long way and it’s ideal to choose the best setting for your product. Here are top pick locations where you would like to consider in starting up a business:

[1] Bonifacio Global City. It is conveniently located in the progressive city of Taguig, the most ambitious main location for new, innovative, and existing businesses. Nevertheless, building structures are set to cater more business aspirants to do and make business. BGC is positioned to be a natural extension of Makati and Ortigas because of its proximity as such. It is directly linked to Manila’s two majoy thoroughfares: EDSA and C-5 highways. In addition, its vicinity to SLEX makes it more accessible.

[2] Makati City. Makati Central Business District (CBD) undeniably rules the entire metropolis in terms of ventures and investments. Primarily the top local and international companies are situated in here, continuously engaging new entities to come. Makati CBD is also the leading financial and central business district in Metro Manila where businesses have no way to go but up. Yes, given the economic status, its stability, and performance – a business would never go wrong here.

[3] Pasay City. It is where our major domestic and international airport is located. The city is known for entertainment, hotel-restaurants to coffee establishments, provincial and city terminal hubs, and MOA as one of its major tourist attraction. Definitely, a product or service has space to fill in and make your business a hit. The presence of Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) makes the region easy to advertise to market. With its proximity to Manila, it becomes the target destination for walk-in people to settle considering the fair forms of living in Pasay.

[4] Alabang. It is the pride of the South with its vibrant, sustainable greenery environment with the growing number of business establishments throughout the region. As it emerges as an ideal business location, it is then valuable to start one of your own. Doing commerce in the very heart of Muntinlupa, Alabang continues to expand its horizons not only as home to Filinvest City but slowly evolving as a top location for all business sizes. Its accessibility and proximity to Manila is at hand thru Skyway and C-5 highway roads, going to South thru SLEX and STAR.

[5] Tagaytay. It is dubbed as ‘little Baguio’ because of its charming, cold weather. The city has arms widely open to welcome new entrepreneur endeavors, with its business-friendly neighborhood and locality. Their steady, stable influx of tourism comes the venture opportunities for start-ups. Also, it has an ease access going back and forth to Manila. An hour of two drive is fine. Most businesses established in the city are much related and designed to treat people with relaxation and enjoyment.

[6] Cebu. Next in line to Manila stands Cebu as the second busiest city in the Philippines. Given its airport, port, and highly urbanized communities, it has undeniably a spot to this day’s top business locations. Also, the city composes of the country’s major historical and cultural heritages to this time’s modernized era. It’s always a good idea to explore and discover new business ideas outside the metropolis. The city’s proximity is an advantage if you’re looking for a place in Visayas region. It has an unending access from skyline to sea to land which is much favorable for newbie entrepreneur to further enhance this transport edge in the region.

Wrapping things up, the place for your start-up business is vital, determinant factor for its success. You should know where the right location is and the rest will follow. As Phyllis Schlafly says “Location is the key to most businesses, and the entrepreneurs typically build their reputation at a particular spot.”