7 Simple Home Renovation Ideas When on a Budget

7 Simple Home Renovation Ideas When on a Budget

If you’re a homeowner, chances are you’ve thought about giving your home a new look. Perhaps the interior is starting to look dated or you need to get rid of bulky furnishings to add more space.

Home remodeling projects can be a rewarding experience, especially once you see and experience the positive effects of your planning, labor, and investment.

However, budget constraints often prevent homeowners from leveling up the look and feel of their abodes. That said, it’s a misconception that creating the living space of your dreams costs a lot of money.

In truth, effective renovations can be funded by something as simple as a quick cash loan secured through a reliable loan app.

Indeed, DIY renovations don’t have to be big-budget initiatives; most of the time, all you need are the right tools and the will to make changes happen.

If you feel that your home is overdue for a makeover, here are some simple renovation tips that could transform your personal environment in surprising ways:

[1] Brighten Up Your Walls. Adding a new coat of paint to your walls is one of the simplest and most low-maintenance ways to refresh a room.

If your walls look washed out, you can apply an accented wallpaper or paint them over with a bright color. If you prefer colors that relax the eye, you can opt for warm neutrals as an alternative.

Paint jobs are often easy to plan and tackle, which is why they are the most common DIY home renovation task.

If don’t want to paint a whole room, you can place crown molding along the ceiling and/or baseboard instead. Crown molding can make spaces look more elegant and they’re also fairly easy to apply.

[2] Refresh Your Kitchen Cabinet and Backsplash. One room of particular importance when it comes to home makeovers is the kitchen. Drab interiors can give your kitchen a dark and cave-like look, making it less conducive for tasks like cooking and washing dishes.

To make the room feel light and bright, you can spruce up your kitchen cabinets with a new finish or coat of paint. You can also upgrade your backsplash with materials such as stone, ceramic, glass, or tile.

[3] Upgrade Your Window Treatments. Windows are crucial elements that can dictate a room’s overall look, feel, and ambiance. If you want to improve the atmosphere of your living room or bedroom, you can swap your usual window treatments with new blinds, shutters, or curtains.

Wooden shutters, the latest trend in interior design, allow natural light and fresh air to pass through without leaving you too exposed. Plus, wood shutters bring a historical and architectural feel to your space, making it look earthy yet sophisticated.

[4] Install New Light Fixtures. Light fixtures from two decades ago are better suited for a time capsule, not your home. To make your ceiling’s focal point easier on the eyes, replace your lighting relics with modern fixtures that are more minimalistic in style.

For one, you can swap your weighty crystal chandelier with simple yet stylish pendant lighting to transform your ceiling space.

Another game-changer when it comes to lighting is the dimmer switch. Dimmers can give you sufficient brightness for your late-night reading and at the same time provide ambient lighting if you want a softer atmosphere.

[5] Update Your Flooring with Low-Cost Materials. Contrary to popular belief, flooring upgrades don’t have to cost a lot. In fact, you can get peel-and-stick sets available at your local hardware store to give your floor a new look.

Self-adhesive vinyl tiles, in particular, are popular materials for DIY flooring upgrades because they are easy to apply. On top of that, vinyl tiles are crack-resistant, colorful, and easy to clean.

If you want to refresh your floors, you can choose the classic wood vinyl flooring or make interesting checkerboard, zigzag, or chevron designs with your tiles.

[6] Add New Hardware and Caulk for Your Bathroom. Broken or aging shower heads and faucets can instantly affect the ambiance of your whole bathroom. To give your bathroom a fresh and modern look, you can pick a different style for your plumbing fixtures, knobs, and other furnishings such as medicine and bathroom cabinets.

That said, it’s also important to re-apply caulk to prevent mildew buildup and potential interior damage. If you see that your bathroom caulk is turning brown and brittle, then it’s probably time for re-caulking.

Fortunately, caulk is an inexpensive material that anyone can apply within an hour.

[7] Revamp Your Main Entry. Giving your front entry a new style also has a transformative effect on your entire living space. If you’re tired of the same old front door, you can re-varnish or paint it with a different color.

You may also want to consider minor upgrades like replacing your house number, revamping your mailbox, or adding fresh flowers and plants.

These small upgrades don’t cost a lot but can make a huge difference in making your home feel more welcoming.

Level Up Your Home Without Breaking the Bank

While refurbishments often do require a certain amount of investment, it’s still possible for you to freshen up your home’s style and appearance without making a big splurge.

With the right planning and materials, you can easily make tiny improvements that add up to big changes in the way your home looks and feels.

That said, however you strategize your home’s budget face-lift, the most important thing is to make it a warm and inviting respite.