Words of a Dating Consultant: 5 Things to Do on the Second Day of Dating

Words of a Dating Consultant: 5 Things to Do on the Second Day of Dating

Most first dates are a nervous haze. It’s usually a relief when the awkwardness of a first date is over. Then, it’s exciting to know if both people are interested and that you want to keep seeing each other. You want to avoid becoming overly intimate while keeping things fun, exciting, and personal.

First dates are a prerequisite for the second date, the beginning of a romantic relationship. A second date is not simply an activity for a dreary weeknight, but when you can truly tell if you like someone as a person. That’s why they bear much more significance than a first date.

So, if you get a chance to have a successful first date that leads you to the second one, dating consultants advise you to do these five things to turn it into another successful date.

5 Things You Can Do on the Second Day of Dating

Brace yourself to discover the five simple yet effective tips to impress your date on the second day of dating.

[1] Show Your Adventurous and Fun Sides. One of our second date suggestions is that it should be interesting and exciting rather than merely a duplicate of the first. So, now that you’ve successfully conquered your first date, this is the chance to display your adventurous and fun sides. Here are some fascinating ideas that both of you can do:

  • If you’re having a wonderful conversation over text one night and want to continue it in person, consider meeting up for a walk.
  • Make a perfect playlist after arranging a mini road trip to go to a place both of you have never been before.
  • Plan a picnic where you can bring homemade food to add a personal touch.
  • Arrange a bicycle race to avoid stress and make it enjoyable.

Words of a Dating Consultant: 5 Things to Do on the Second Day of Dating

[2] Visit a Place of Your Interest. Since most people prefer to meet their dates in a restaurant, there are many other places where you can set up your second meeting. So, be creative and choose a place that interests you. Such as,

  • If you and your special someone enjoy art or work in the creative industry, visiting an art gallery will give you several topics to discuss.
  • Invite your date to volunteer if you’re passionate about a cause. It may be a fun, social activity you both love to be involved in.
  • Visit a nursery when the both of you are tree huggers. Buy your partner a bonsai or a succulent from there as a memento of your special day.

[3] Plan an Activity to Avoid Boredom. Pick an engaging activity to do something very different from your first date. Excellent second-date activities include swimming, hiking, strolling through parks, bowling, playing mini golf, strolling along the beach, or visiting a board game cafe. Just stay away from any situation that might make it difficult for you two to talk, such as a crowded pub or a theatre.

Words of a Dating Consultant: 5 Things to Do on the Second Day of Dating

[4] Have a Deeper Conversation. Get past the small talk and engage in meaningful conversation. You probably discovered everything about your date’s occupation and educational qualifications on your first date. It’s time to probe further on the second date; try to learn about your date’s aspirations, early years, and family.

These second-date conversation ideas can demonstrate your attentiveness and pique their interest. People find it easy to recall what matters to them, but they will always value your effort.

[5] Smartly Handle Awkward Pauses. Dating consultants say that the conversation between you and your date may pause occasionally, and that’s fine. Your date will realize that some awkwardness is natural when getting to know someone. Instead of feeling obligated to fill quietness all the time, learn how to embrace it. You might even laugh later by pointing it out.

Bonus Tip –  Cook Together!

What will happen if your outdoor plan gets cancelled due to bad weather or other uncertain circumstances? Simple is the essential word here. If you enjoy cooking, this is a wonderful chance to introduce your date to one of your interests.

Start building a new relationship with trust and loyalty with these tips suggested by a dating consultant. Send your date a quick text if you had a nice time and inquire when that person is available to hang out again soon, indicating that you won’t mind going on a third date.