Sample NTE (Excessive Tardiness) Response Letter

Sample NTE (Excessive Tardiness) Response Letter

A Notice to Explain (or NTE) is a show cause letter or a corporate internal communication sent by an employer, usually represented by the Human Resources Department (HRD), that requires an employee a written explanation for a work-related untoward incident or an alleged violation of a company policy.

Its purposes include assisting the employer and management in the disciplinary processes, affording the employee a procedural fairness, and mitigating repercussions to the company operations and resources of such allegations and offenses.

Sample Notice to Explain (Excessive Tardiness)

[Sample Content]

Our company records show that you have incurred a total of 0.96 minutes of tardiness from six (6) non-consecutive days within the month of November 2017, hence the report attached herewith.

As far as what we have in our file, this would be your first violation of this offense which, according to our [Company] Employee Code of Conduct, is defined as “Excessive Tardiness,” and correspondingly carries a penalty of a “Written Reprimand.”

However, the management is affording you an opportunity to communicate your reasons and/or defenses against accountability of such alleged offense; hence, you are hereby encouraged to submit your response within seven (7) working days from the receipt of this notice.

Should you choose not to comply within the period provided, the management shall decide on the matter based on the available records and evidence.

NTE Response Letter

A Response Letter to NTE is usually a written communication that explains a mistake, an incident, or reasons of absences or negligence as indicated in the received notice. Serious and persuasive in tone, it communicates the sender’s defenses against such allegations and apologies upon admission of the offense.

As offenses indicated in NTE’s also communicate possible sanctions and penalties in varying degrees, response letters should convince the employer and management a reconsideration and somehow mitigate the gravity of such offenses, hence preventing sanctions such as prolonged suspension and termination.

General Tips on Writing an NTE Response Letter

  • Your response letter to NTE should be structured in a manner that it communicates your professional approach, hence avoiding generic content and format.
  • It should be formal, however can be in first person for a more serious and apologetic tone.
  • It should contain honest, accurate, and relevant information and respond proactively to the issues and offenses raised in the originating NTE.
  • In case of reporting an incident, it should present chronologically and clearly series of events that led to the allegation charged or committed offense.
  • As your received NTE questions your credibility in another way, your response letter should prove that you are worth-affording another chance as you are still a profitable asset of the organization.

Sample NTE (Excessive Tardiness) Response Letter

[Your Acknowledgement of NTE and Course of Action]

In response to the Notice to Explain (NTE) I received last Friday, January 12, 2018, regarding my company policy violation, also defined under the [Company] Employee Code of Conduct as “Excessive Tardiness,” I hereby deny any defense, and hence, assume full responsibility for any repercussions my offense has incurred to the operations and resources of the company.

[Your Admission of the Offense and Brief Explanation]

As much as I value honesty and accountability, I humbly admit that I failed to undertake such an important obligation of an employee to report to work on time, regardless of personal struggles with waking up early and taking public transportation during a pre-holiday season.

[In Case of Inaccuracies, Your Request for Further Review]

Notwithstanding my admission of the offense and all the apologies, I would like to request nevertheless a review of my attendance records for the said month of November 2017. To the best of my knowledge, I had incurred a significant number of tardiness cases that served as a ground for the offense; however, the data indicated in your issued notice, including dates and minutes, are found inaccurate and inconsistent with what I have in my online portal. With this access to electronic attendance records, I already took the initiative to print out a copy, hence the attachment herewith.

[Your Final Appeal for Reconsideration]

Should you consider affording another chance and absolve me for this first offense, rest assured that I would be more punctual and observant of my work schedules and other work-related responsibilities.

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