How to Report Scams in the Philippines

How to Report Scams in the Philippines

Report scams now! While more and more Filipinos fall prey to different forms of scams, many still underestimate the gravity of filing formal reports to the proper authorities.

Others seem contented, or maybe in hopelessness and mindless resolve, simply share their plights and complaints through Facebook comment sections. That’s another big problem!

Scams are rip-offs, or fraudulent schemes performed by dishonest or deceitful individuals, groups, or companies in an attempt to solicit and obtain money or something else in value.

Scammers usually employ confidence tricks where they misrepresent themselves as authority figures such as lawyers, investors, bank representatives, and others. Here are the common warning signs or red flags of scams:

6 Warning Signs (Red Flags) of Scams

Before you report scams and other suspicious business and investment transactions to our local authorities, do a little research first on warning signs or red flags already observed and experienced.

However, if you have made money transfers and been already scammed as what you feel and believe, verify the legitimacy and legality of the other party and seek help right away.

[1] You receive investment and other business proposals through unsolicited email and SMS messages. Mostly, these unsolicited emails are received from suspicious email domains or from free email providers such as Yahoo or Gmail.

While you’re being addressed with generic expressions, grammatical and typographical errors are also evident throughout their messages. Might as well, many scammers do not have registered landline numbers; hence, they contact you by mobile phones.

[2] You’re asked to provide your sensitive information such as credit card and bank account numbers, login passwords, and others. Your bank doesn’t and should never ask for your account login credentials, but scammers do.

If email requests come from your bank because of the seemingly reliable source address, don’t provide your information right away. Better make a call first or visit your servicing branch.

[3] You’re guaranteed investment profits and extremely fast transactions which are too good to be true. Scammers promise you surefire investment profits far ahead the existing market rates, but their systems and strategies are ambiguous and obscure.

Others even ask you to make money transfers first before you even submit necessary documents.

[4] You’re pressured that if you don’t grab the offer now, you’ll lose the opportunity. When you’re demanded to invest what you have in your savings or pocket, as in on the spot, then should you have a second thought. It’s a scam!

Legit investments require full understanding and informed decisions, and all legit agents believe that you need more time to think about them.   

[5] You’re asked to pay upfront fees for their services. If they’re legit then they should be collecting service or processing fees right at the completion of your transactions, or most likely, no fees at all.

Equally obvious, you’re not even issued BIR official receipts after settlement, while others simply ask you to deposit payments casually to their bank accounts.

[6] You make transactions with them somewhere else, not in their office. You’re asked to meet them at the mall or fast-food restaurant because they don’t have any physical address.

They don’t have any decent office, and their business registration cannot be verified with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) or Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). In other words, they run fly-by-night business operations. Search Google for more red flags.

Investment Scam Checklist (Securities and Exchange Commission)

As per the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), if you come across any investment offer by phone, email, flyers, newspaper ads, or directly by any person or by any other means, and promising earnings or profits which are too good to be true, you must get the following information:

  • Name of the Person and the Company Making the Offer
  • Address of Both the Person and the Company
  • Phone Number (Do not accept cellular phone number)
  • SEC Registration as an Investment Taker. Be reminded that SEC company registration alone does not grant authority to sell investment instruments. Only investment houses and financing companies with QB (quasi-banking) license and with SEC registered securities may offer to sell investment instruments to more than 19 investors. Only SEC registered persons such as brokers, dealers, and salesmen may offer and sell SEC registered securities to the public.

SEC also advises that you do not deal with them if:

  • They are unwilling to give any of the information mentioned.
  • They do not have SEC registration or appropriate license to engage in the selling of investment instruments.
  • They fail to give additional information such as number of investors, minimum placement, rate of return, and others, and not listed on the SEC official website.

Lastly, you can prevent these scammers from making more victims by:

  • Reporting to the Enforcement and Investor Protection Department (02) 8584-6337; and,
  • Seeking NBI or police assistance in case of emergency situations.

How to Report Scams in the Philippines

How and Where to Report Scams in the Philippines

You better report scams to local authorities right away instead of seeking help and advice from support groups on social media. Yes, you may receive words of sympathy for your misfortune, but not the legal actions that you need.

In the Philippines, we have various government agencies and authorities that you can reach out to for specific cases of scams. You can always make a call through their hotline numbers, send email messages, or still the best, visit their offices.

While I haven’t tried to report scams because I haven’t experienced one, I rest assured that these agencies can help you. You just have to cooperate.

  • Insurance Commission
  • 1071 United Nations Avenue, Ermita, Manila,
  • |
  • 8523-8461 (to 70) | Local 111, 130

You may report scams and bogus solicitations related to life and non-life insurance, mutual benefits, and trusts for charitable purposes.

  • Department of Trade and Industry
  • 385 Industry and Investments Bldg., Gil Puyat Ave., Makati City
  • | | | DTI Fair Trade Enforcement Bureau
  • (+632) 8751-0384 (Trunk Line) | (+632) ‎8975-7965 (Complaints)

You may report scams and verify suspicious transactions (sole proprietors) such as pyramiding, deceptive or false advertising, unfair business practices, selling of substandard products, and unfair packaging of goods.

  • Securities and Exchange Commission
  • Secretariat Building, PICC Complex, Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City
  • | | Enforcement and Investor Protection Department
  • 8818-0921 (Trunk Line) | 818-5704 (Hotline) | (02) 8818-6337

You may report scams in almost all forms (corporations and other business organizations) from pre-need and insurance scams to investment and pyramiding. You may also verify whether they do have the license to sell investment instruments or solicit funds.

  • Public Attorney’s Office
  • 4th & 5th Floors DOJ Agencies Building, Diliman, Quezon City
  • |
  • (02) 8929-9436 (Hotline) | Local 106, 107, 159

You may report scams and seek legal assistance especially if you belong to the oppressed, marginalized, and underprivileged Filipinos who cannot afford legal services.

  • Philippine National Police
  • Anti-Cybercrime Group Building, Camp Crame, Quezon City
  • | Anti-Cybercrime Group
  • +63 (02) 8414-1560 | 09985988116 (Hotline)
  • (02) 8723-0401 (Local 5313)

You may report scams such as those related to online buying and selling, paluwagan, investment, pyramid, and other forms of online fraud. You may also seek the help of our local law enforcement authorities for criminal cases and others that require immediate and appropriate actions.

  • National Bureau of Investigation
  • NBI Building, Taft Avenue, Ermita, Manila
  • | | NBI Anti-Fraud Division
  • (+632) 8532-8231 to 8532-8238 | (02) 8525-4093

You may also report scams, fraudulent and suspicious transactions, and other related criminal cases to the National Bureau of Investigation.

How to Report Text Scams and Spams

Depending on your case or experience of a scam, you may also coordinate with the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) and other telecom companies:

  • National Telecommunications Commission (NTC)
  • NTC Text Scam Complaint Page
  • (+632) 8920-4464 | (+632) 8926-7722 | (+632) 8921-3251



  • Smart Communications (Smart Subscribers)
  • *888 (Mobile Phone) or 8881111 (Landline)


  • Dito Telecommunity (Dito Subscribers)
  • 185 (Mobile Phone)
  • |

If you have experiences, and you’ve already tried to report scams to these government agencies and other local authorities, please share them through the comment section below so our fellow kababayans get our guidance through the proper reporting channels and processes. Don’t wait others become victims as well. Report scams now!

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    • Hi Asminah! I know that experiencing scams causes long-term effects, say a trauma. I’m hoping that you’re all good now after the horrible experience. While I am not in authority, rather a humble writer of this informative article, I strongly suggest that your direct the reporting of scam incident to the concerned government agencies as shared. Thanks and always be careful with your future transactions, especially the digital ones.

  1. I would like to make a report. I got scammed by an online seller and I have all of the proof needed such as screetshots of our conversation, their name, number, and address.

  2. Hi, please help me. I got scammed by a digital marketing scheme involving Amazon, Lazada etc. I have given a huge amount of money in return for the commission. I didn’t see anything suspicious at first. I really need my money back. Please help me 🙁 I just want to support my family and earn to finance my studies. Please help.

      • Hi, I have been scammed from someone, all I have from the scammer is the PayPal account, please let me know how can I report them? The scammer is from Philippine and I’m from United Kingdom.

    • Me too 😭. Almost 80k was scammed by an online platform digital marketing from me. I think they are using multiple websites and accounts. It is important to investigate this matter as soon as possible. They even use DTI certificate to convince.

      • I was actually scammed earlier as well. My fault for believing, but still, I asked to help pull out my money, but they always say they cannot help due to pamany policy. This is also from the same Amazon, Lazada, Shopee Group. If you’ve made a report, let me know and I will show the conversations I have as wel.

    • I got scammed today for almost 90k, they wanted to recharge 25% of the accumulated commissions plus my deposits for a total amount of 197342.95 which is 49,335.73 pesos. I asked them to return the 90k they took from me. But they insisted to pay the tax first which I must recharge first before I can withdraw the funds. Which is odd.

  3. I encountered a phone scammer, also a GCash user. He promised some money to give for financial help. It’s not good to post your GCash number on Facebook as there are many scammers.

    I want to report this number 09361223315. The scammer who called me wanted the GCash OTP. He attempted to open my GCash with the OTP.

    • I was got scammed also today a total of 10k by https://ttwshopping. I am asking for a refund because the money I spent is for the medication of my husband. They say that I need to complete the task given. But I don’t have any amount left in my account. Can you please help me to refund the money I invest? I really need to buy the medicine. Thanks

  4. Me too. Please help me. I got scammed by a digital marketing scheme involving Waltermart, Amazon, Lazada etc. I have given a huge amount of money in return for the commission. I didn’t see anything suspicious at first. I really need my money back. Please help me 🙁. I just want to support my family. I lost almost 150k. Please help me 😭.

      • This is what happened to me right now. I’m try to get back my money but need to complete the task.

    • Me too. Almost 170k. Prior withdrawal already but as per finance services, cannot send the amount because of transfer limit from gcash is only 100k. Here is the number and name that’ve been used by WALTERMART scammers and used to send the so called ” tax deduction”. Mary Grace de Torres- 09360793281.

      • I have the same situation but a different “Recuirment” firm, as so they used. Mu money is stucked on their platform and ask us to pay another 30% of total to release.

  5. I got scammed too like others who posted. They say they are connected with Google and Amazon. They did not scam a lot from me, but I wish you could do something about them because I bet that they have scammed so many people who think they are legit. Please check these numbers +639260211591 and +639453829305. They are many, and they just scam people day in and day out. The least they could get is 1000 pesos, and I guess others get scammed even more money. Imagine they do these to 100 people. I hope you can fine these people. They are the worst of worst. The name Latrina Beier came out. They use so many numbers because they ask to transfer via Gcash. Put down this website UPWORK.

  6. I was scammed yesterday by an online shop which allows you to buy from Amazon, Ebay, Alibaba etc. They first ask you to recharge for only 100 pesos so you can do tasks which is grabbing an order.
    The commission depends on the price of an item. The more expensive item you bought, the more commission you can get, so from 100 pesos, to 300 to 900 to 1500 to 3k to 4k. And I stopped because I don’t have enough balance for the last task which climbs to 15k. The mngr. said that I will have a reward of 9999k if I completed the task within the day. I asked for her to change the item to lower price so that I can withdraw my money back but she said I need to complete the task before I can withraw. The company name is Ubuys-shops.

  7. I was scam today 12,700. It was a task to like and follow the page a virtual purchase Lazada… At first it was ok. You can withdraw immediately, but as it gets going the value of virtual purchase was getting higher and higher… They even push me to borrow money to others just to complete the task to get a commission… They have group chat MARKETING COOPERATION, and I suspected that I was scammed because the admin was deleting the account on telegram, and they won’t allow me to withdraw my money not until I finished the task which cost a lot of money… They even suggest to borrow money from others just to do the task. Here are the numbers associated with this scam. The payment method to stores in Lazada.
    Bank: G-Cash
    Name: Shara Ann Enriquez
    Account number: 09694226107

    The Payment Method To Stores in Lazada:

    Bank: G-Cash
    Name: Leo Yecla
    Number: 09275663311
    Amount: 200 PHP

    You have received PHP 2,842.00 of GCash from LE*I C. 09694029624 w/ MSG: Your new balance is PHP 2,844.18. Ref. No. 0008453874060.

    You have received PHP 580.00 of GCash from ED****O E. 09694232906 w/ MSG:Your new balance is PHP 580.18. Ref. No. 0008451204518.

  8. I was scammed by certain names — Jennifer Lawrence and Richard Clinton, thru payment via GCASH.
    I was convinced to invest in Bitcoin trading which is also popular in our country. At first I sent P2K for the investment, then, I was registered to their trading the s9 Mining Company. As if real trading you would see the movement of the trading at the CoinMarket-Cap via Porfolio, I was convinced.
    They showed me my profit which is about $1,245.03 (P62K+). I started to doubt with the big profit amount in less than 1-week.
    Jennifer Lawrence ask me to pay P10k for the processing. I was shoched. She told me the profit will not be released if I will not pay the P10K. Since I didn’t have the P10k, she offered she would shoulder the P5k, and I would pay her as soon as the profit was released. It seemed that she was good girl, she even told to wait for 7 hrs for the processing. Came more than 1-day, I asked her what’s the update because I was excited to receive my profit.
    Another modus came-out, accordingly, my profit was ready for released. They asked me my GCASH account and another P8K for the TAX.
    We had a long discussion, because that P8k could be automatically deducted from the profit. They insisted me to pay the P8k because their company would release my profit.
    I was forced to pay P8K just to have the profit release.
    Sad to say, another problem came and she introduce Richard Clinton their company manager to help my profit released.
    Another bull***t came, Richard Clinton asked me to pay more P8k because my first P8K payment did not reflect in my account.
    Very sad to note how this SCAMMER, took my money.
    I am happy if anyone can help me recover my money.
    Following SCAMMER involved:
    1. Jennifer Lawrence, possibly Nathalie Karogong with contact/GCASH # 09058909869.
    2. Richard Clinton, +1(202)4950528 (WHATSAPP).
    3. Gayvee Noora, contact/GCASH receiver # 09271125126.
    4. WA KATRINA FABRO, contact/ GCASH receiver # 09057502482.
    Hope and wish somebody will help me recover my money for medicines.

    • How to get rid of this scammer? I am a victim also.. this are the gcash number that i sent money to, 09456896354, 09456879913,09458943273.That was my last money left, that is for my baby’s milk🥺😭

  9. I needed a medical oxgen tank and got scammed out of my money. Now, I don’t have a oxgen tank or my money.These people claim they sold the tanks.There a high risk and could cause death over this nonsense. It’s been reported to the police. I contacted the scammer and now they took it offline but are selling many other things online with the same profile.

  10. Hi good day! I got scammed too day like others who posted. They say they are connected with Lazada. They scammed 4398 from me. Please help I need to get back that money for my tuition. 😭Please check these link and number I send money:, 09955619625, 09559638354. They are many, and I guess others get scammed even more money today😥. I hope you can fine these people, and help us to give back our money, They are the worst of worst. The name Fatima and Scarlet Reyes in telegram came out. They use so many numbers I give earlier to transfer via Gcash. Put down this website:

  11. I was actually scammed earlier as well. My fault for believing, but still, I asked to help pull out my money, but they always say they cannot help due to pamany policy. This is also from the same Amazon, Lazada, Shopee Group. If you’ve made a report, let me know and I will show the conversations I have as well.

  12. Patulong nman po. Na-scam po ako. Tumawag po sa akin ang number na ito 09753514930. Ako ko po tlga nanalo. Ako kasi nag-comment ako Kay Rosmar post. Hiningi po yong OTP at password ng Gcash ko po. Patulong nman po😭. Ito yong number ko na tinawagan nya po 09674501729.

    • I got scammed last Thursday. I’ll provide all the details needed. The person is named SARAH HERNANDEZ or IMELAN HANSENSIA.

  13. Humihingi po sana ako ng tulong about sa scam na nangyari sakin. Ayaw na po ibalik ung perang investment ko. Hindi ko na po alam gagawin ko. More than 50K po ang nakuha sakin which is malaking pera. Nagrerequet po ako na ibalik nalang ung pera kaso ayaw po nila. Ang sagot po nila is need mag-upgrade ng kung anong plan ang offer para mawithdraw ang pera. Sa pag upgrade na to – nagrerequest ulit sila ng malaking halaga which hindi ko alam kung saan ako kukuha.

    Sana matulungan nyu ko.

  14. [https]// did you know this verb interactive platform ?
    Hindi nila ipapa withdraw Yung money ko almost 100k na magbabayad padaw ako ng 30% sa e withdraw ko. Sana matulongan nyo Ako.

  15. I was scammed by these crooks they are 4 of them first I was interested 5k for this investment then you have to register when it’s on going they ask you to pay registration fee then it will pump out again with mining code fee,Nin charges etc. You know how much it’s cost me $1000 or 54kphp I want to apprehen them and put in behind bars these scammer

  16. I reported Scam before and cybercrime. The reason that I think these scammers are still active just because they are taking advantage of how lame our justice system. If the amount is minimal, they tend to victim blame. The worst is they didn’t do anything to the lodged report. I was waiting for the hearing and several months now, to no avail. Fell victim for another scammer who by the way provided all the necessary documents I have requested for proof of legitamacy, and yet this person still succeeded doing their dirty works. And now I will be needing to gather these information, have it checked, and be reported. Will go through the same process. But since I have prior experience that this will not prosper, not only the trauma of being scammed is what I am feeling, also the frustrations that I will go to the same process that the CYBERCRIME TEAM will just void my complaint!

  17. Hi! I got scammed for usdt 3000/-. This person called herself Amelia came thru a dating site and all thru put status of how she’s making a lot of money thru Crypto Mining. She showed so much interest and taught me how to buy crypto and the transferred my money in to a fake and controlled website that opened only thru a link not searchable on web. It’s qtradext. She even put part of investment to reach a certain milestone. After first transfer then to invest in mining on that website I needed minimum of 5000/- more then I got doubts and did my research only to find this was a scam. The website would not allow me to withdraw my initial investment even if I said I would like to go further and after a series of communication they zeroed my investment on their site. The number of this person is +63-9602732199.

  18. I think we are been scammed, regarding on this kind of tactics it’s just sad that one of the company been saying so you going to think it’s legit one because they serve that kind of service as digital marketing. I just scammed around 10k today. And same scenario need to follow and like the tiktok etc. and then proceed to lazada online and click and refund the with the commission. If you like to file this you can contact me I’m willing to go to NBI or Department of Justice in cybercrime dept. is just i need someone also experiencing this kind of scamming people. And they are not afraid because no one like to file a case to them. Just let me know.

  19. Hi!I am an OFW here in Japan.I got scammed by this person named Vince Anthony Jerbosa.He pretended to be a manager of a loaning company there in the Philippines.He promised me that if I will pay for the verification fee of 40,000 yen which is equivalent to 20,000 that he will help me to loan money amounting to 500,000 yen which is equivalent to 200,000 pesos.He pretended to be the manager of a loaning company .I sent him the money hoping that he will send the money that I am borrowing in my bank.I waited and he made some receipt that he already sent the money through Remitry .I was waiting and I didnt receive the money I borrowed but I already sent the verification fee to him.Then I decided to email the Remitry and they told me that he canceled the money that he sent me which means he is a scammer.Can you help me with this issue please.He blocked me and I dont know how to find him.I sent the money through Western Union.Please help me how to repost this.

  20. hi, i was scammed the same way too, did you report them already, i am willing to join you if you ever file a complaint.
    they using Lazada, Amazon etc.

  21. I got scammed and getting threatening calls fors money.
    I do have whatsapp number i.e. +63 966 498 0791. Can anybody trace the number and report it.

  22. I was offered a job at Upwork. A company named Marin Software messaged me and hired me for a translation job. I finished the work and sent it to them. They asked for my bank account for them to transfer my salary. I received an email saying that they already transferred the money, but it is on hold since I need to pay for an activation code for my money transfer. Unfortunately, I sent them money multiple times since they told me that I have to pay for the activation codes, IMF, and tax codes. They said that these money that I sent them will be reimbursed once they are finish transferring my salary. They kept on asking for more money but I told them that I don’t have any more money with me. So I just told them to cancel the transfer but they have to give back my money. They said that they can’t refund the money anymore since they were processing my salary transfer already. I am begging them to give my money back but they won’t do it. I was able to send them a total of 25,000 PHP. Please help me.

  23. Good morning.
    BOL[dot]COM scammed!!!!!

    I just scammed 350k from this so called BOL E-COMMERCE COMPANY. They said they are a platform for data service from the merchant BOL[dot]COM for traffic data of the products etc.
    At first they give you money to gain your trust. And then they let you participate in this task earning commissions.
    At first it was really small. And then gets higher and higher. And then I made a mistake in the task for whatever reason because it was a psychological attact. They force you to make another task and pay first and you get back the commision. They play with your conscience making you that it’s your fault the other group members cannot withdraw the money. It’s a game of mind. They told you to pay the dividend first before you can withdraw all the money.
    I will report this to NBI and PNP.
    I know the justice system here in the Philippines is very frustrating but I just want to do my part help also other people in the future to not be scammed.

    • I am experiencing the same thing now maam. The platform called
      They give me a task that needs to complete, but first I need to recharged at certain amount. At first they gave me back my money plus the commission, but as the task succeeded to the next level it keeps asking for higher amount to charged. Now they’re asking me to pay this certain amount so I can get all the money that I’ve deposited into the account. Now I wanted to know where can I report this.

  24. I saw the facebook/messenger the “Emegency Loan” as i required for emergency back hOITIe. i +•**^9• them in messenger and asking for my details and sencl the list of the loan amount we want to loan.”Fast approval Please Contact us via Telegram:https// we start the coversation in messenger until they asking me if i have Telegram and i said i dont use that, then asking me to create that,then i create. I asked what is the name of there company and they said MABROCIO LENDING CORPORATION, then she give her Telegram username which is %Maganda 22 until i asked again if that her name and she said other words we continue the conversation now using the Telegram with Maganda Divina -?JMaganda451 with
    +639855368711,then she asking me to complete my details and i did and register the loan account link which is after that i create and now i have account name and with my details to them.until she transfer we to the loan assistant to helping to approve my loan end her name is Clarita Potestas Nathalie and her Telegram username is Potestas then i contact her thru Telegram and we stail. to communicate with her and she also tel her name to me as “Clarita Potestns, and i am your exclusive financial assistant at MABROCIO WENDING/LENDING Corporation” she start to asked my loan amount and contact number,she said she will asked some ouestion to ensure the authenticity of my loan and she want ot create some grouo that once to get for the same loan amount.and we are waiting to get approved the |oan until we finished all the question to us and the loan paper will send to us its aoproved then after that we approved the loan she asking for some deposit amount 10% for the amount we loan to get withdraw the loan amount if is that 100k we need to deposit 10k. she telling that is required, we did transfer that deposit then when we deposit she saying i make mstake for the accunt number and we cant we withdraw when i check my account number yes the number is excess and am thinking how does it happened then i ignore so in other words they saying i cant withdraw the amount that i need to deposit again 11k to reset the details they said a]I the money that i deposit will refund together the amount of my loan. so the first 10k then second 11k for every transaction i macle they creating prob|em and reason that i need to depost again for some reason now after i cleposit again for 11k they saying may wallet account is low the score credit we need to depost again 20,800 because 15% of the total money in the wallet. then i i transfer because i really need to get my money back they say now i cant withdraw because the loan amout now in the wallet is large i need to depost again 21,270k to get OTP. so this is not right i tld them to give my deposit money bak and i dont need the loan anymore. please help to get my total money back oF 41,800PHP please help me. I didnt get any money from them.i dont need the loan i want my money back. I have all coversation messages from them.

  25. For Public Awareness!

    Like others, I know two persons know from Philippines were scammed/victimized inside the bank premises.

    Please beware of Security Bank Valenzuela Malinta Branch – CONNIE FRANCISCO, she is working with certain guy name Angelo Joseph Lee victimizing bank depositors. The transaction was done inside the premises of security bank during bank working hours, so who would have thought that the investment is not related to Security Bank? The past and present branch managers are also involved because they are protecting Connie Francisco, they are covering up each other. They swindled millions. Unfortunately, justice was never served to those depositors who lost their hard-earned money.

    To those who were victimized, I encourage you to come out. CONNIE FRANCISCO should be held liable. Depositors will not know any bank product investment unless it was introduced to them. She has thick skin to deny any involvement and refused to take responsibility. The transaction was done through her. She received the money inside the bank premises, she should be held liable.

    I strongly urge everyone not to patronize/bank your hard earned money at Security Bank Corporation, they are protecting their employee more than their depositors. They are protecting a scammer! It is also useless to file a complaint to their HR. They are tolerating CONNIE FRANCISCO’s wrong doing, until now she is still employed by the bank, no sanction rendered for her wrong doing. The bank itself eradicated her from any liability to those 2 depositors she swindled and the bank did not offer resolution to their depositors. The bank should have at least mediate and require Connie Francisco to pay back what she swindled to be fair because after all it was she who introduced that investment and the only person who received the money.

    The bank has responsibility for their employee’s actions because everything happened inside the bank premises during bank working hours, they are employed by the bank. Where is justice in this???

    The best way is to circulate this on social media to raise public awareness in order to avoid others from being victimized.

  26. Good afternoon sir/maam ako po si Honey Grace E. Escabas ako po ay isang Ofw dito sa Riyadh saudi arabia ako po ay isang biktima ng online loan. May nakilala po ako sa Facebook account si Eri T. CA siya daw po ay isang online loan nag apply po ako ng loan sa kanya 50k at sabi niya kailangan daw muna ako magbayad ng processing fee sa halagang 5550php bago eh released yong loan ko daw ako po ay nagsend ng processing fee sa kanya sa halagang 5500 sa account niya na goTyme bank account number: 010774622408 noong September 1,2023 time at 10: 35am
    At sabi niya na received niya na daw yong processing fee wait ko Lang daw yong released naghintay ako hanggang bukas walang dumating na pera sa gcash account ko. At ng Pina follow up ko siya sabi niya process pa daw wait lang daw at naghintay lang po ako. At ng nagmessage po siya ulit sakin sabi niya baka daw gusto kong saluhin yong loan din daw po ng isang ofw sa halagang 100k daw po nagcancel daw at ako naman po ay paniwalang paniwala sa kanya. Pumayag po ako na saluhin ko at sabi niya need ko din daw ulit magsend dagdag ng processing fee 4000 . At September 2, 2023 po nagsend po ako ulit ng 4000 sa account niya same account pa din po gamit niya. Time at 11: 36 am. At yon po sabi niya natanggap niya na daw at sabi niya wait lang daw ako at aayusin lang daw yong system sa loans ko. Naghintay po ako hanggang bukas at ng Bina block niya na po ako. Sana po ay matulongan ninyo po ako na mabawi pera ko. Nakita ko din sa facebook post madami na po siyang naloko na tao.
    Info of scammer:
    Name: Erica tolentino
    Mobile number: none di po siya nagbigay
    Date and time of transaction : September 1,2023 time: at 10: 35 am
    Amount: 5500
    Date and time of transaction: September 2, 2023
    Time: at 11: 36 am
    Amount: 4000
    Alleged scammer’s name/ allias: Erica tolentino
    Alleged scammer’s Gotyme account number: 010774622408

  27. I just got scammed by an online seller RUBY TAN with cellphone number
    09811009607. I ordered and paid ₱3,000 for a box of cherries to be delivered 2 days later. When I followed up the delivery, she said she will deliver only if I ordered another box! Her ad said “No minimum order” and now she is requiring 2 boxes minimum, otherwise she will not deliver or have the order picked up. Who knows what would have happened if I paid for another box. The worse part is, she refused to refund my payment. Be careful when dealing with this RUBY TAN. She is also using 09615351839 for Gcash. Although I do not expect to recover my money, I am posting this to warn others.

  28. I’m one of those who got blinded and did something an idiotic mistake. I don’t want to specify the details because even my self know it’s very stupid. I hope you can report this number: +2348107541024. If you trace this number, I bet they’ve scammed a lot of people. I can’t even view their facebook profile anymore.I hope someone can help

  29. I got scammed by an instagram seller who is very much active to date. I purchased bags worth 11k but the seller was no longer responsive upon payment. Please be aware of @authentic_shop_philippines. This account sa over 13k followers and account is sadly very much active

    hiding under “PRINCESS GARCIA”
    BPI Acc number 0806236724
    Mobile num: 09551700953

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