How to Receive Google AdSense Payments by Bank Transfer [Philippines]

How to Receive Google AdSense Payments by Bank Transfer [Philippines]

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BEFORE I changed the domain name from i-millenial[dot]com to signedMARCO[dot]com, I used to earn additional hundreds of dollars on a quarterly basis with this blog through Google AdSense content monetization.

After Google AdSense rejected my reapplication for this blog after a couple of futile attempts, I simply shrugged my shoulders. Now I am still to decide about relaxing the business side of this publication that, which as I see, translates to an improved user experience and loading speed. What I have been thinking about is getting into sponsorships and affiliate marketing and not running the same obtrusive ads from other competitive ad networks. Still I’ll give Google AdSense one more try.

Let me then cut this intro short and dive into the real purpose of this article. You can read more about blogging and Google AdSense on the other pages I have here. Start with the related posts below.

Yes, I can tell based on my firsthand experience that making a monthly visit to the Western Union Money Transfer service center for Google AdSense earnings payment can sometimes be a hassle for our vloggers and bloggers in the Philippines.

SINCE the time I had my first payment, I would always take a  jeepney ride on a minimum fare to the nearest service center and claim the money after presenting a valid ID, the transaction details, and some absurd replies to the curious teller. I could finish the transaction in less than ten minutes, or longer whenever there’s a long queue of customers.

THEN came the enhanced community quarantine brought by the coronavirus pandemic that I had to try the alternative wire transfer method also available on Google AdSense dashboard.

I first thought that such method was not available in the Philippines, and I got no idea how to get some of those required details myself as I didn’t want to experience another hassle calling the bank for such. I thought I would just settle for the Western Union Quick Cash transfer, but there is nothing wrong trying the other. Now it works on my end.

To help other Google AdSense earners out there, I shared below the easy steps on how to make Google AdSense get you paid by wire or bank transfer. It is my Metrobank payroll and savings account that is currently enrolled with the ad network.

[1] Add a Payment Method. Log in to your Google AdSense account and access the PAYMENTS section. Click MANAGE PAYMENT METHODS.

[2] Select ADD NEW WIRE TRANSFER DETAILS. You do not have to remove other existing payment methods to add a new one. Proceed to clicking ADD PAYMENT METHOD and select ADD NEW WIRE TRANSFER DETAILS.

[3] Input Your Bank Details. You do not need to contact your bank for exchange rates and fees nor open a US Dollar bank account as indicated since local banks do the currency conversion. Disregard the notice and proceed to inputting your bank account details.

  • Beneficiary ID (Optional). You just leave it blank.
  • Name on Bank Account. Input your complete name, e.g., SEBASTIAN MARCO MARQUEZ, as what appears on your bank records and statements.
  • Bank Name. Input the complete business name of your local bank, e.g., METROPOLITAN BANK AND TRUST CO. (METROBANK), and do not abbreviate. Check it online.
  • SWIFT BIC. Provide you bank’s SWIFT Code, e.g., MBTCPHMM. It is an 8 or 11-character code that serves as the bank’s international identification. You may just check the web for this code or verify it with your bank.
  • Account Number. Get your bank documents, then check and input your account number whether it’s a savings or a checking account, e.g., 2763276805599.
  • Re-type Account Number. Do the typing of the same account number once more. It is for you to double check and avoid mistyping the digits.
  • Intermediary Bank (Ask Your Bank). You may just leave it blank if you do not have any information about it.
  • FFC or FBO (Ask You Bank). The same thing goes here. Just leave it blank.

[4] Set It as Your Primary Payment Method. Review all the details that you just encoded. Tick the box and SET IT AS PRIMARY PAYMENT. Click SAVE.

[5] Wait for the Next Google AdSense Payment. After updating your payment method, you do not have to make any further actions. Wait for the next Google AdSense earnings payment usually made on the 21st of the month after reaching the payment threshold. You can expect the crediting of the payment to your bank account after a few days.

Last time I had, Google AdSense cleared the earnings payment on the 21st, and it was transferred and reflected on my bank account two days after or on the 23rd. While I do not know how much the bank charges for the transaction, the money is automatically converted from US dollar to Philippine peso based on the existing bank rates.

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