How to Link Your PSE EASy and COL Financial Accounts

How to Link Your PSE EASy and COL Financial Accounts
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PSE EASy, or PSE Electronic Allocation System, is the online stock Initial Public Offering (IPO) subscription facility created by the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) to make it easier and more convenient for you and other stock investors to subscribe to an IPO.

With just a one-time setup, you can participate online every time there is an IPO and order up to PHP 100,000 worth of IPO shares through PSE Easy. It also comes with a lightweight mobile app (see details below).

COL Financial Group Inc., on the other hand, is the fastest growing online stockbroker in the Philippines with over hundreds of thousands of clients and multi-billion client assets.

[1] Register for Your PSE EASy Account. Visit PSE EASy website at and click on Register. Fill out the initially required fields. To proceed, you will be asked if you have a Trading Account (or broker). Click Yes, and select COL Financial, Inc from among the Trading Participants on the drop-down menu.

[2] Complete Your Registration. Type or select the information required. You better prepare in advance your Tax Identification Number (TIN) and digital photo for uploading. Make sure all the details match with your COL Financial account details to avoid further registration issues. You may double check these details on your account itself. Click Save when completed.

[3] Validate Your Registration. Check your email for the verification link sent by PSE Easy. You will see a pop-up window confirming the successful registration.

[4] Wait for Your Reference Number. Through the same email, you will receive your PSE EASy reference number within one to two business days.

[5] Link Your PSE EASy and COL Financial Accounts. After receiving your PSE EASy reference number, login to your COL Financial account. Go to Change Profile and enter the digits under PSE Easy Reference Data together with your existing password. Click on Validate button.

How to Link Your PSE EASy and COL Financial Accounts
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[6] Review Your PSE EASy Reference Details. Click Ok, then Close.

[7] Wait for the Final Validation. You will receive an email after one to two business days from PSE that COL Financial has validated your account. Then, it will reflect in your COL Financial account as Validated. Once an IPO is available, you can log in to your PSE EASy account to subscribe to an IPO.

Download PSE EASy Mobile App. PSE EASy is a mobile application developed by the Philippine Stock Exchange for stock market investor that enables users to subscribe online to the Local Small Investor (LSI) program of an Initial Public Offering (IPO).

PSE EASy allows users from cities and provinces all over the Philippines to participate in the LSI program of an IPO. Here are some of the salient features of the PSE EASy mobile application:

  • Profile. Users may view their investor details.
  • My Subscription. Users may submit their LSI application for a particular IPO and monitor the status of their subscription.
  • Active Events. Users may view details of an ongoing IPO and access relevant PSE EDGE links of the particular ongoing IPO.
  • Upcoming Events. Users may view details of an upcoming IPO and access relevant PSE EDGE links of the particular upcoming IPO.
  • Notification Alerts. Users are notified whenever there is an upcoming IPO, an ongoing IPO, relevant updates to the status of their subscription, and the share allocation they receive at the end of an IPO.

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