5 Profitable Blog Niches (Topics) for Filipino Bloggers

5 Profitable Blog Niches (Topics) for Filipino Bloggers

Blogging has become extremely popular these days that it has also turned out a profitable career for many. In fact, there are Filipino bloggers who have been earning hundreds to thousands of dollars a month (as disclosed in their articles) through Google AdSense and other sources of blogging revenues.

Blog niches refers to clearly defined topics or areas covered by blog articles written with a target audience in mind, hence specialized markets. Choosing the right blog niche is critical to its audience traffic and profitability. According to Persuasion-Nation.com, when you decide on blog niches, you must consider at least these three factors – expertise, passion, and market.

While many blogger wannabes in the Philippines hold back from serious blogging, professional bloggers who have been in blogging for quite a long time now have established themselves as authority bloggers in their respective blog niches.

In this article, I’ll provide my insights into a few blog niches or topics that remain worth writing about. Although the market competitions can be stiff, these blog niches still promise profitability and a rewarding blogging experience.

[1] Personal Finance. Millennials’ interest in the science of handling money – budgeting, spending, saving, and investing; and the digital transformation in finance – online banking, online stock investing and trading, and online payment systems, both clearly contribute to the upsurge of personal finance blogs and many other micro-niche sites.

However, there still seems to be a scarcity of credible personal finance blogs in the Philippines. In fact, it is on this ground that signedMARCO.com came into the cyberspace. While the blog niche requires a little expertise in many financial terms and processes, lighter topics such as simple budget hacks, money lessons, and saving practices can be explored well in a sensible approach.

In another article here, Top 10 Personal Finance Blogs in the Philippines, I have itemized the blogs under this niche which include Fitzvillafuerte.com, MillionaireActs.com, PesosAndSense.com, and TheWiseLiving.com.

[2] Online Tools and Resources. Many Filipinos turn to online tools and resources whenever seeking for quick how-to instructions, from how to resolve simple gadget issues to comprehensive guides in processing legal documents.

Other online educational resources sites such as TeacherPH.com and DepEdTambayanPH.blogspot.com provide downloadable files such as lesson plans and memos which teachers and students alike need.

If you are a skilled technical writer, you can also build a blog providing free document templates – business letters, technical reports, legal documents, speech manuscripts, and others. Paradoxically, professionals search the web for instant samples of these papers, even job application letters.

[3] Gadgets and Technology. As more and more Filipinos become internet savvy, gadgets and technology blogs also become instant online brochures for browsing on the latest tech brands and models. Most techies also search for comprehensive gadget reviews, no wonder why YugaTech.com, the Philippines number 1 tech news and reviews site has become one of the most visited sites in the country and ranks positively even in other Asian countries.

[4] Food and Recipe. Filipinos love to eat, and this explains why food and recipe blog niches have since become popular. Usually, food bloggers really dedicate time and resources to come up with original recipe articles, quality photos of self-prepared dishes, and even cooking video tutorials. However, they can easily find blogging a rewarding experience especially when increase in audience traffic and subscriptions for recipe newsletters is observed.

Famous food bloggers in the country include Abby of ManilaSpoon.com, Richie of ThePickiestEater.net, Mhel and Ken of CertifiedFoodies.com, and Ed of PinoyRecipe.net.

[5] Travel and Lifestyle. According to 2017 Google Trends data, Filipino millennials prefer experiences over material things as online search for travel and tourism in the second quarter of the year has grown to 19% (with 52% of travel searches coming from mobile devices). Hence, it proves that there is a huge market in travel and lifestyle blog niches.

Travel and lifestyle bloggers can also take advantage of getting more traffic from Google AdSense ‘Tier 1’ countries (foreign tourists) which equates to higher CPM and CPC revenue rates. Successful blogs such as WhenInManila.com, PinoyAdventurista.com, and Chuvaness.com belong to these blog niches.

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