5 Signs to Identify Poor Sleep Quality

Sometimes your physical and mental health deteriorates when you have poor sleep quality. It results in feeling exhausted, mentally stressed, snapping at your loved ones, and struggling to keep up at work. That is why every individual needs better quality sleep.

Hence, you can be aware of yourself when you don’t get enough sleep or the quality of sleep needed. This blog will discuss the five signs of poor sleep quality. So let’s start reading!

[1] Daytime Sleep. Many people experience excessive daytime sleepiness problems. This type of sleepiness happens because your body uses this sleep to fill the lack of sleep at night. This sleep is not suitable for your health, and it gives rise to risk factors like:

  • Depression
  • Obesity
  • Insufficient sleep
  • Ageing problems

This makes you feel tired during the day and unable to close your eyes to sleep. That may lead to trouble in your personal, social, and public lifestyle. The symptoms of daytime sleepiness are sleep apnea, narcolepsy, and fidgety leg movements.

To solve this problem, sleep at night and reduce the midday nap. Set the hours you sleep and follow it consistently. If the problem persists, visit the doctor or sleep specialist to understand and solve the issue.

[2] Getting Up in the Middle of the Night. This sign is caused due to sleep fragmentation. If you awaken too often during sleep and awake instead of sleeping due to this awakening, the quality of your sleep will be reduced and will worsen if prolonged. This problem is due to the following factors:

  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Sleep disorders
  • Medications

Also this problem is called insomnia. It is better to consult with a doctor or sleep specialist when the severity of your problem is low. Some solutions include relaxing your body and mind, being calm and avoiding stress, and avoiding medications unless necessary. If your doctor suggests for mental checkup or counselling, kindly go for it and don’t miss it for any reason.

[3] Constantly Tired. It is an obvious sign that you feel exhausted when your sleep quality is low and you cannot sleep at night. For example, you find yourself drinking three to four cups of coffee per day and feeling tired when you are focusing on your work to be finished. These are prominent examples of being constantly tired.

Don’t think this is a small matter, and overlook it. Because lack of sleep is the beginning of health issues and emotions like moodiness, anger, weight gain, anxiety, mental stress, and headache. Make sure to get eight hours of total sleep and avoid any disturbance in the middle of your sleep.

[4] Sleeping Too Fast. Although being unable to sleep is a problem, sleeping too fast is also considered a problem. Today you may find on the internet or sleep forums that being able to fall asleep quickly is a benefit. But in reality, your sleep is deprived when you don’t get better quality sleep and promptly fall asleep.

This happens when you lie on your bed and quickly fall asleep but don’t sleep deeply for eight hours. The main reasons for this problem are higher sleep pressure and incurred sleep debt. The sleep debt is the number of hours allocated to sleep by your body.

You will experience deep sleep, and REM sleep will increase due to higher sleep pressure. But don’t forget that this deep sleep is a recovery from your sleep debt. Hence, ensure you sleep for eight hours sufficiently and stop increasing your sleep debts.

[5] Weight Changes and Health Issues. Lack of sleep harms your mental and physical health. It will lead to sleep disorders and other health issues like high blood pressure, heart failure, diabetes, obesity, stroke, and heart attack. The main reason for obesity and weight gain is the leptin hormone.

The leptin hormone is responsible for a normal metabolic process, including eating, burning calories, and exercising. If the production of the leptin hormone is reduced, it results in a slower metabolism, poor sleep quality, and increased appetite.

You can check whether the five signs mentioned above and any other symptoms match; you can be sure your sleep quality is poor. If that’s the case, you can use the solution corresponding to the problem. However, if it persists, consult a sleep specialist or doctor. Thanks for reading!