PNB Ze-Lo Mastercard: How I Got My First Regular Credit Card

PNB Ze-Lo Mastercard: How I Got My First Regular Credit Card

Last year, I got my first credit card, but a secured credit card. Read more about it here — RCBC Instacard: Application Requirements and Process (Actual Experience)

Credit card application can be an upsetting experience for first-timers, especially if salary brackets just hit the minimum income requirement, and there is not much to check in the credit history (read here on how I checked my credit score).

If, by all honesty, this is your case, expect declined applications, but never give up.

Scan through some related articles here (or read experiences shared on social media). You’ll see you’re not alone — it’s a common experience. You don’t have to feel bad for yourself.

I, too, had over a dozen of declined credit card applications, i.e., with Citibank, RCBC Bankard, Metrobank, BDO, EastWest Bank, Robinson’s Bank, and even with PNB, until recently that I got approved with the lattermost bank. Thanks to the PNB legit employee I came to know on social media!

Just a bit of my financial background, I am a regular faculty member in a private school and earn just a little above the minimum wage (or just hitting the usual minimum gross annual income that most local credit card companies require).

However, I have some positive entries in my TransUnion credit report as I have an almost complete personal loan with CIMB Bank, plus other paid short-term loans. Also, I have an active secured credit card, an RCBC Instacard, for eight or nine months now.

But these, as far as I know, were not taken as reference for the approved PNB Ze-Lo Mastercard.

PNB Ze-Lo Mastercard
PNB Ze-Lo Mastercard is an almost perfect credit card for beginners and non-beginners alike with its zero and lower fees, but you can’t really have it all because it does not earn any rewards (so also, zero rewards).

Messenger Inquiry (February 09, 2022). After I learned about PNB legit employees who assist in credit card applications and all positive testimonials, I finally had the guts to message one on social media. It’s Ma’am Lhen.

I inquired through chat and was asked about basic employment details and whether I have unsettled loans, etc. that might affect negatively my application. I got all honesty and even told her about my CIMB loan.

After a short exchange of chat messages, I was given the list of requirements and was advised to open a 3K PNB savings account. She also told me to update her as soon as I have the account.

Savings Account Opening and Submission of Requirements (February 23, 2022). I never had the time to open a savings account right away. It rather took me two weeks. I even had the second thought already whether to still push through with it.

Same day that I had the savings account though, I forwarded the details to Ma’am Lhen, together with some personal info and income requirements – ITR, pay slips (although not the updated ones given the HR late release), IDs, and signatures.

It’s even her who accomplished the application form on my behalf, and she just sent me a screenshot of it for my confirmation. She had it submitted on the same day and told me to follow up with her the next Friday (and so I set my calendar for this).

Next Friday Follow Up (March 04, 2022). At seven in the evening, I sent her a chat. She simply told me it was still on a pending status, still being processed.

Surprise Update (March 07, 2022). Three days after around 02:00PM, she sent me a surprise update — it got approved dated February 28, and accordingly, the card was just dispatched.

Wow! No calls. No CI. The next day, I got an SMS from PNB Cards saying that my card would be delivered within 7-15 days.

Unsuccessful Card Delivery SMS (March 17, 2022). While I have been excited to receive my first regular PNB credit card, I was saddened receiving an SMS notif saying: “The delivery of your PNB Credit Card to your address was unsuccessful. Please visit your branch of account or call (+632) 8818 9818 to update your address.”

I had the delivery addressed to the office, and I still couldn’t figure out what happened.

Card Redelivery Follow Up (March 19, 2022). For two days since I got the unsuccessful card delivery SMS, I had been trying to contact PNB Cards through the given hotline, but to no avail, until Saturday morning that I finally got to talk to the customer service rep.

I was asked to confirm the delivery address. I also gave my mobile digits for forwarding to the courier.

Card Delivered (March 24, 2022).

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