How to Open RCBC Savings Account ONLINE

How to Open RCBC Savings Account ONLINE
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While I got disappointed with my Security Bank savings account opening online, I was very happy with the convenience and success with RCBC.

After receiving a rejection email from the former, I turned to RCBC (after all, there’s a nearby branch but I wanted to try their online too) and accomplished the application. It was as smooth as with Security Bank, but NO VIRTUAL INTERVIEW.

I got both an email and SMS right away notifying me about the successful accomplishment of online forms. A few days later, even it was weekend, I received another email verifying some personal information and asking for some supporting documents.

On the same day almost evening, I was given my savings account number and login credentials to their online banking. So, I had the chance to do fund transfer right away. I also asked through the same email thread about the branch visit for the signature cards and ATM. I was told I might have the visit anytime.

Based on their website and social media page and on what I experienced, these are the steps to process an account opening online:

  1. Go to RCBC Touch page, select a Product, and agree to the Terms and Conditions.
  2. Fill out the Online Form.
  3. Nominate your user ID to enroll in RCBC Online Banking
  4. Submit your government-issued ID and complete the ID verification process.
  5. Submit your duly accomplished application.
  6. Check your email on the status of your application.

Upon visiting RCBC Felix Ave branch, I went directly to the New Accounts section, and I was immediately entertained. I observed that the bank has the friendliest atmosphere compared to others I have visited. Bank clients had to wait patiently while enjoying the comfort of the sofas. That’s great!

It took me around 30 minutes completing everything, and the clerk was very apologetic for the wait. Since the customized (with my name) ATM would take more than a week to become available, I decided to avail the non-personalized (without my name) card. I asked about it, and I was convinced that there would be no difference in terms of transactions, both online and offline.

By the way, I was even approached by the bank manager herself asking about my online application experience. I told her it was great, and the interface was easy to navigate.

I promised to make a review of this banking experience with RCBC. So here it is. I’ll make an update soon as I also plan to avail their RCBC secured credit card — INSTACARD. Just like others, I always get denied with my credit card applications. I think I have to do it the other way around.

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