Towards Millennials’ Sustainable Blogging Ecosystem

Towards Millennials’ Sustainable Blogging Ecosystem

It’s been months since the last time I had a personal article uploaded here. Last week however, I had a pitch about the local stock I have been investing in for quite some time. That’s good news!

Honestly, I became seriously busy lately with lots of things – June opening of classes, MA thesis proposal (now gearing up for colloquium), and fishkeeping, my new-found hobby. Then again, I got quality articles from contributing local and foreign writers. Others even sent me sponsored ones, hence additional blogging revenues.

iMillennial Named Top 3 Personal Finance Blog (Philippines). Worth-sharing of course, has just ranked iMillennial | Personal Finance third among the local personal finance blogs, websites, and newsletters to follow last 2018 (and extending 2019).

FeedSpot is an online content reader for browsing all favorite websites in one place and keeping oneself on track of what is going on in the industry. Kudos! It’s really a big accomplishment for the whole team. Salute to the contributors! We have been in publication for merely twenty-four months. Read more about FeedSpot’s Top 15 Philippines Personal Finance Blogs here

Google AdSense Revenue 2018 Year-End Report. As shared here previously, I have been monetizing my blogs with Google AdSense since the first quarter of 2017, but the revenues stabilized within the year ended. Surprisingly, I had four more payouts, and all in all (including paid sponsored articles) I earned around PHP 50,000.00.

While, which was launched midyear, has been making good impressions, I expect a double digit earnings growth, however also means additional operating costs brought by upgraded web hosting account, higher domain renewal fees, and other security addons. Read more about Google AdSense earnings here | Academic Resources Launched. Yes, I have been busy lately with academics – teaching post and graduate school. While engaged in lots of paperwork, I still find time sharing most of them on the new blog.

AcadShare | Academic Resources, from the terms ‘academics’ and ‘share,’ is an online resource of teacher and student materials such as presentations, worksheets, handouts, essays, speeches, and even hosting scripts. Likewise, I also share important announcements such as school celebration themes, school calendar, and other information related to academics. Read more about here

More Contributors, More Sponsored Articles. In 2018, iMillennial | Personal Finance has received several niche-related articles from our contributors worldwide who observe the audience growth of the blog across the months.

Though most of these are free article contributions (which I am really thankful of because I really couldn’t find enough time lately to write articles), there are also sponsored ones which mean additional blogging revenues. For instance, I have been in partnership with,,,, etc. Read more about Guest Posts and Sponsored Articles here

Stock Investment Nightmare (Still Bloody Portfolio). Undoubtedly, the local stock market has been shaken by the new economic policies and unpredictable politics, however currently recovering from the trauma.

Most stocks which I have invested in have been in red since the dawn of the year. Worst, MRSGI has been struck by a bad news after the fire incident of its Cebu flagship store. Good news however, MRSGI has a 2019 double earnings growth forecast. Read more about MRSGI stock forecast here

Educate and Support Paluan Mangyans (Community Outreach, 2018). In December 2018 after a year of my first engagement in the community outreach, I was with the same team again. We had to dedicate one whole weekend for the visit – i.e., left school on a Friday night with all the packed goods, arrived in Paluan, Occidental Mindoro at Saturday noon, visited the Mangyan communities for goods distribution the remaining afternoon hours until noon of the next day, and rushed for the last trip to Batangas on the Sunday evening. In this way, we would not miss our Monday classes. Notwithstanding this sacrifice, we find it tremendously fulfilling.

Based on the observations, there has been so far a development in these communities since the launch of the program five years ago. Knowing this, it has already become my annual commitment to find time to participate in the program and other advocacies in my own ways. Read more about Educate and Support Paluan Mangyans here

2019 iMillennial Blogging Outlook. iMillennial Publishers has found 2018 a meaningful year of a sustained platform profitability affirmed by its public readership and stronger partnerships, launching another online publication brand with, and other recognitions.

As 2019 unfolds, I expect more opportunities for sustainable online publication from increased audience traffic and engagement, collaborations and partnerships with other publishers and writers, and implementation of innovative strategies for revenue growth and reduced operating expenses. Similarly, I look forward to building more quality backlinks through indexes and features with other authority personal finance blogs, hence improving search engine optimization (SEO) rank.

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