How to Transfer Money from Metrobank Account to GCash and

How to Transfer Money from Metrobank Account (Mobile Banking App) to GCash and
  • PESONet and InstaPay waived convenience fees amidst COVID-19 lockdown effective until April 15 or as further announced.
  • On regular days, PESONet and InstaPay usually charge PHP100.00 and PHP25.00 respectively per transaction.
  • To save, I make transfers first to GCash (PHP25.00) and then to (free of charge).

I learned to skip the long lines at Robinson’s Business Center for over-the-counter bills payment. For months now, I have been paying these monthly bills — Meralco Electricity, Manila Water, Globe Broadband, and even insurance premiums — in a few clicks with GCash and mobile apps. It’s totally easy and convenient. Sometimes, I do it directly with my Metrobank Mobile Banking app.

While making cash-ins at 7 Eleven brings the same inconvenience as waiting in long queues at Robinson’s, I found the easiest way of transferring funds from my Metrobank Mobile Banking app to GCash and That’s what I’ll detail out here.

Both GCash and have the bills payment features that are seamless and do not come with convenience fees (even late payments). I prefer GCash, but I still need for my BillEase loan payments. I am but down to the last installment.

How to Transfer Money from Metrobank Account (via Mobile Banking App) to GCash and

[1] Log In. Login to your Metrobank Mobile Banking app. You can use the fingerprint login if you have.

[2] Click TRANSFER TO OTHER BANK. As soon as you have the access, tap that burger menu icon on the upper left portion of the app interface. Click TRANSFER TO OTHER BANK.

[3] Choose Your EFT Provider. You have two electronic fund transfer service providers to choose from. You can transfer fund to your non-Metrobank Account via — InstaPay or PESONet. Check their differences in terms of convenience fees, daily fund transfer limits, and crediting time frames.

[4] Input Your Transaction Details. You must fill out a simple online form with the details of your transaction. For BANK, select either GCASH or DCPay Philippines (for For ACCOUNT NUMBER, key in your 11-digit mobile number (Make sure these are the same digits for which your account is enrolled).

[5] Finalize Your Transaction. Finish the transaction with your other personal details, specific Metrobank account where to deduct funds (if you have multiple accounts), and the amount to transfer.

[6] Confirm Your Fund Transfer. As per my experience, if the transfer is made via InstaPay, the fund is automatically reflected on the GCash or account. You must wait a few hours or overnight if it’s made via PESONet. Check your received SMS notifications as well.

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