Metrobank Rewards Plus Visa Review: Requirements, Features, and Fees

Metrobank Rewards Plus Visa Review: Requirements, Features, and Fees

Knock! Knock! Who’s there? Metrobank credit card delivery. And I got my newest rewards credit card — a Metrobank Rewards Plus Visa.

Here’s the story. I didn’t expect I would still get approved for this because Metrobank seems the hardest bank to please. I started applying way before I got my secured credit card with RCBC but to no avail. That was years ago. Well, even when I had my unsecured or regular credit cards for months as reference cards, I would still receive a bunch of rejection emails. 

I’ve got six credit cards from BPI, PNB, UnionBank, EastWest, and Citibank, but I still wanted one from Metrobank. Aside from BDO (which I was lately offered by an attendant at SM Hypermarket) and BPI, I believe Metrobank has premium credit card programs. I even asked for assistance from credit card agents I met on Facebook out of desperation.

Anyway, I have been a Metrobank depositor through a payroll account since 2017 without encountering even a single issue, but I only keep a little in it because there is no service branch and ATM within walking distance from my apartment. I usually transfer my balance to my RCBC Savings for my ATM withdrawals.

With the help of three agents, still, nothing happened, and I kept on receiving the same emails over and over. Then, I got a call from an unregistered number one morning. It was the last agent I asked for help from. She told me she would reprocess my application as she had found a good opportunity. She asked for my consent, nothing more. I said, no problem. After all, I was almost hopeless. 

Days later, when I was already in the province for a vacation, I was surprised to receive a mobile statement of account (MSOA) enrollment email. It simply informed me that my ‘credit card’ was enrolled in the digital facility. The email even included the last four digits of the card (while the first digits were hidden and replaced with Xs). I was certain and confident that I finally got approved for a Metrobank credit card. 

It was April 18 when I confirmed it in a congratulatory email. I still had no idea what card it was. More days passed, and it was May 9 when it was finally delivered to my doorstep. That’s 21 days and quite a long wait, considering I am just in Pasig. 

Well, not really long, because the truth is, I had to reroute the delivery to my home from the office address. I resigned from work in February, which means I was already (formally) unemployed, and I never thought I would still get approved for the credit card. It was supposedly delivered on April 25, just seven days after the approval, but I was not there anymore to receive it. So, I got notified about the failed delivery via SMS.

Surprisingly, it was effortless to contact Metrobank by phone. I had to call the bank twice for the change of address and then a follow-up. Unlike with other banks, I was connected to their customer service representatives in as fast as two or three minutes. 

Only I had to pay for the calls from my prepaid mobile number. If not mistaken, I consumed about PHP60 worth of mobile credits for each. Our landline stopped working months or more than a year ago, and since we’re always on mobile communications, we have not arranged any home service from the provider since then. Haist!

Quick Summary — To many credit card applicants, Metrobank credit cards are the most elusive, and getting approved for a Metrobank Rewards Plus Visa is such a privilege. This entry to mid-level card undoubtedly comes with premium benefits and services only the top and best banks in the country can provide.

Ahead of the full review, which is available for you to check below, there are three things that you will surely love about the card — the high credit limit, the PHP20 spend per non-expiring reward point, and the wide range of privileges and zero installments on purchases from hundreds of Metrobank affiliated merchants that await you. 

Metrobank Rewards Plus Visa

Metrobank Rewards Plus Visa
This entry to mid-level card undoubtedly comes with premium benefits and services only the top and best banks in the country can provide. There are three things that you will surely love about the card — the high credit limit, the PHP20 spend per non-expiring reward point, and the wide range of privileges and zero installments on purchases from hundreds of Metrobank affiliated merchants that await you.


Metrobank Rewards Plus Visa is an entry to mid-level rewards credit card offered by Metrobank. It is ideal for tech-savvy young professionals and active online shoppers who enjoy the convenience of digital technologies and transactions.

Its flagship feature is its decent rewards program that comes with a non-expiring point earned from every PHP20 spend and 2x more on online purchases and delivery transactions.

Metrobank — The Credit Card Issuer

Metrobank is the fourth largest bank in terms of assets. It is also a publicly listed and traded universal bank (PSE: MBT). Its principal business activities involve deposit-taking and lending, trade finance, remittance, treasury, investment banking, and thrift banking.

Basic Card Features and Benefits

Metrobank Rewards Plus Visa offers rewards, installment programs, and value-added services exclusive to Metrobank credit cardholders. 

  • Exciting Rewards Program. You can earn one non-expiring reward point for every PHP20 spend and 2x reward points on online, gadget, telco, and delivery transactions. You may redeem accumulated points for premium items or air miles from Philippine Airlines, Cathay Pacific Airlines, or Singapore Airlines. 
  • Zero-Percent Installment. You can avail of the 0% installment program from various merchant establishments. You may use the convenient installment online facility to pay for big ticket items like appliances, gadgets, tuition, hospital bills, travel fare, and accommodations at 3, 6, 9, 12, 18, and 24 monthly installment terms.
  • Cash2Go. You can take a turn in the right direction by converting your unused credit card limit into a quick cash loan and even pay in easy and light monthly installments. 
  • Cash Rush. You can also get instant cash when you need it via ATM. The Metrobank QuickPIN facility allows you to get your card PIN via SMS to your nominated mobile number.
  • Bills2Pay. Metrobank’s automated payments feature lets you conveniently pay your recurring utilities and bills.
  • M Connect. Metrobank – Cards and Personal Credit is proud to be the first in the Philippine banking industry to introduce M Connect, an innovative and automated voice, text, and email payment verification service that helps us connect better with you. 

Qualifications and Application Requirements

To apply for a Metrobank Rewards Plus Visa and even other Metrobank credit cards, consider these qualifications and requirements:

  • must be 18 to 70 years old
  • a minimum annual income of PHP180,000
  • at least six (6) months employed as a regular employee 
  • must be a principal cardholder with another bank for at least nine (9) months with a credit limit of at least PHP 25,000
  • valid TIN, SSS, GSIS, and UMID number
  • active business or residence landline number
  • active mobile number
  • valid photo-bearing government-issued ID with date of birth and signature

Step-by-Step Application Guide

Although you may apply for a Metrobank Rewards Plus Card at the bank itself upon your visit, there is nothing more convenient than doing it online, and here’s the step-by-step guide:

  • Check if you’re qualified based on age, i.e., at least 18 years old, minimum annual income, and other requirements. You may also instantly find out if you’re eligible by accessing the card application page.
  • Prepare your application requirements, i.e., photos of your valid ID and scanned income documents.
  • Visit the official website of Metrobank > Credit Cards and click on Apply Now.
  • Select Metrobank Rewards Plus Visa among the card options.
  • Fill out the online Metrobank Credit Card Application Form, which will require your personal, employment, and other details.
  • You will then be given your Online Reference Number (ORN). Click Copy and paste it to your notes. You’ll use this later to keep track of your Metrobank credit card application.
  • On the next screen, tick the corresponding box if you are a Metrobank depositor.
  • If you have other credit cards, enter your details. If you don’t have one, leave the entire form blank.
  • Enter your name as you want to be printed and appear on your physical card.
  • Next, indicate where you want your credit card and credit card statements delivered, whether to your home or office address. Once done, click Next.
  • Then, upload digital copies of your income documents.
  • You will be notified via email once your application is evaluated and approved. Metrobank may also call you for verifications (but this rarely happens). 

Annual Membership and Other Fees

  • Annual Membership Fee. Metrobank Rewards Plus card has a PHP2,500 annual membership fee for the principal card and PHP1,500 for supplementary (waived on the first year). Metrobank also runs occasional promos to waive such annual fees for life for yearly minimum spend requirements, e.g., at least PHP180,000.
  • Finance Charge or Retail Monthly Interest. If you don’t pay the total statement balance or pay just the minimum, you will be charged an interest of 3% monthly or 36% annually. 
  • Cash Advance Interest and Fees. A cash advance is at a 3% monthly interest rate to be computed from the date when it was availed and a PHP200 service fee per transaction, regardless of the cash advance amount. 
  • Minimum Amount Due. Your minimum amount due from your monthly statement is PHP850, or equivalent to 3% of your total outstanding balance, whichever is higher. 
  • Late Payment Fees. If you miss paying on the due date, you will be charged PHP1,000 or the unpaid minimum amount due (MAD), whichever is lower.
  • Installment Processing Fees. Although you may enjoy zero interest on installments, a PHP350 fee will still be charged for every approved Cash2Go or balance transfer transaction and PHP500 for every approved balance conversion transaction.

Metrobank Rewards Plus Visa Full Review

While this is not a sponsored post, just like most of the review articles on this blog, and I don’t earn any commission, you can always take this as an honest and fair review of the Metrobank Rewards Plus Visa credit card.

[1] It takes only minutes to apply online, but there’s a higher chance of approval if processed through an agent. If you don’t have an existing credit card for at least nine months or five to six digits of deposit with Metrobank, the chance of getting approved for a Metrobank Rewards Plus Visa, along with other cards, is relatively low. Anyway, Metrobank is clear about it in its strict list of requirements. 

Online application is easy and can be completed in less than 30 minutes. Still, it’s way easier, and there is even a higher chance of getting approved if you apply through credit card agents, sometimes bank employees, who usually do the relentless re-submission of your application until you get approved. 

You can always find a legit one on Facebook but don’t forget to read testimonials to avoid falling victim to scams or identity theft.

[2] It is issued and backed by one of the largest banks with the widest reach and latest banking technologies. Metrobank, as I mentioned, is the fourth largest bank in the Philippines. Since its incorporation in 1962, there were years that it was even among the top three. It is currently in close rivalry with BPI. 

Metrobank also has one of the largest networks of service branches and ATMS, making it a good choice for banking and even keeping a credit card for various financial purposes. 

Equally, its mobile app has recently got a makeover or an upgrade, particularly in appearance, intuitive interface, and added features for convenient online banking and credit card transactions such as bills payments, purchase conversions to monthly installments, and quick cash loans from card limits. 

It’s no wonder Metrobank takes online banking to the next level. Metrobank Group is also behind FirstMetroSec Pro, which is by far the most advanced online stock trading platform available for the Philippine Stock Market.

[3] Metrobank has hundreds of affiliated merchants and shops that offer exciting discounts, promos, and even zero percent installments on in-store purchases. There are many advantages to getting credit cards from top banks. Aside from hundreds of affiliate merchants that regularly offer discounts, and promos, expect numerous zero-percent installment programs applicable to many online and in-store purchases with Metrobank credit cards.

You can check for affiliate merchants on Metrobank’s official website or scan through your email and SMS regularly for the hottest promos the bank offers with your Metrobank Rewards Plus Visa.

[4] The annual membership fee is relatively high but automatically waived for the first year. Metrobank Rewards Plus card (principal) comes with an annual membership fee of PHP2,500, which seems higher than with many entry-level credit cards other banks offer. Supplementary credit cards also come with annual membership fees, however lower at PHP1,500. But the good this is that these are automatically waived for the first year. 

Metrobank also runs occasional promos such as NAFFL promo if you hit a PHP180,000 or higher spend within the first year. If you’re an active credit card user, you can easily qualify for that. You should check existing promos before you apply.

[5] It has a competitive, but not really exciting, rewards program. Its PHP20 spend requirement for a non-expiring reward point is competitive. You might have checked other rewards credit cards, and most of them require PHP30 to PHP50 minimum spend. 

Also, you can earn 2x reward points on online, gadget, telco, and delivery transactions. Other rewards credit cards, however, cover more categories, such as dining, travel, and accommodations, on their multiplying reward point programs.

You can use your accumulated points with your Metrobank Rewards Plus Visa to purchase premium items or convert them into air miles from Philippine Airlines, Cathay Pacific Airlines, and Singapore Airlines. 

[6] Metrobank may be one of the most generous card issuers in terms of initial credit limits and yearly increases. Many first-time credit card holders share that they are given credit limits twice their regular monthly salary or higher than most banks can provide first-timers. I was also surprised to see a limit 3x higher than many of my first cards but still slightly lower, by PHP10,000 than my EastWest Silver Privilege Mastercard.

Suppose your Metrobank credit card limit is low for now. In that case, you can quickly increase that to six digits in at least six months or a year of responsible use and regular payments because Metrobank itself is proven generous when it comes to annual credit limit increases. 

[7] It comes with more flexible installment options and quick cash loans. Aside from possible zero percent installment on in-store purchases, Metrobank also has a Credit Installment Facility on the app where you can convert your purchases into installments and avail Cash2Go, balance conversions, and balance transfers. 

Other banks and credit card issuers still require initiated phone calls and bot chats to apply for and process installments. I always find these a hassle. Well, that’s not the case with Metrobank (actually the same with RCBC), but you should still do the math for the interest rates and processing fees. Check if availing of these value-added services is worth it.

[8] There are just more ways to pay your Metrobank credit card bills. It’s another thing I love the most about getting a Metrobank credit card. More channels are available for me to pay the bills than with other card-issuing banks.

I can pay my Metrobank Rewards Plus Visa monthly bills via the mobile banking app, Metrobank ATM, Metrobank branches, GCash,, CLiQQ by 7-Eleven, and even through other banks’ mobile apps.

The BPI credit card has the least number of payment channels among my credit cards. It’s not an available payee on GCash or my RCBC and Metrobank banking apps. I even have to visit a BPI branch or SM Hypermarket Bills Payment Center.

[9] Metrobank has excellent customer service by phone, although unresponsive to email inquiries. As I shared in the intro, I called the Metrobank hotline twice after receiving an email that said I was approved for a Metrobank Rewards Plus Visa, first was to change the delivery address, and the second was to make a follow-up. 

Before these calls, however, I tried reaching out through email. By this, I got nothing except the automated acknowledgment email receipts. Based on my experience, RCBC is the most responsive to my email inquiries. I get replies in three days, sometimes within the day itself.

By phone, I was connected to the customer service representatives within two to three minutes. It was consistent, and it was something that I hadn’t experienced with other banks. When I called Citibank, for example, I had to wait 15 to 20 minutes before getting connected to a real person.

Getting a Metrobank Rewards Plus Visa is worth it. But suppose you think it’s not for you, or you’re hopeless to get approved, given the stringent evaluation process, you might want to consider other equally competitive entry-level credit cards from different banks:

PNB Ze-Lo Mastercard. It is an almost perfect credit card for beginners and non-beginners alike, with zero and lower fees, but you can’t have it all because it does not earn any rewards (also, zero rewards).

UnionBank Classic Visa Card. It is a good credit card for beginners as it still comes with an easy application and approval process, a decent rewards program, and flexible installment options. Still, it may offer fewer benefits when compared to other entry-level credit cards.

BPI Blue Mastercard. It is a recommended entry-level credit card (for beginners) as it comes with an easy application and approval process, competitive fees, and decent rewards. It can also be a good reference card as being issued and backed by one of the largest banks.

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