Living Solo: How I Made PHP3,500 Answering Pandemic-Related Questions

Living Solo: How I Made PHP3,500 Answering Pandemic-Related Questions

MAKING MONEY ONLINE is becoming easier each day with more and more businesses outsourcing information and services from the economic participants through various digital channels.

Every so often, you don’t even have to make the first risky move or get entirely aggressive upon reaching out to your potential clients. As long as you have the online channel and a growing network, then your clients make the initiative to find you.

For instance, bloggers and digital influencers get the usual partnership invitations to promote brands. Others, who are already expert in their niches and are credible enough to give their opinions, simply answer interview questions and get paid.

These collaborations in the digital world equate to a continuous stream of income for many freelancers. And I am but happy to share today how I earned $70 (PHP3,500) upon answering interview questions, a simple task I did in just two hours.

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The TASK. Last week, I received an email for a partnership proposition. I thought it was another sponsored post on this blog as the sending email appeared familiar, so I sent back my guidelines. But I was wrong.

As clarified, I just had to answer ten (10) interview questions about the local case of coronavirus pandemic and its impact on the critical financial sectors like banking, pawning, and making personal loans. At first, I was hesitant given the confidence level that I have when it comes to dealing with mainstream topics.

I write mostly about lifestyle and personal finance, but giving an ‘expert’ opinion on something like the coronavirus pandemic that appears a global (not just a national) concern is for me an entirely different thing. It’s a big deal.

Questions though were not as difficult as I first thought of. I got ten, and almost all of them simply required my insights and opinion. So, I gave it a serious try. I had to sit and work on it for like two hours — shifting tabs for a little referencing and typing in an almost uninterrupted fashion.

In more or less than two hours, I was able to complete the task. Of course, I did some research to back up my insights. I did my best. It was an easy task indeed.

The PAYMENT. Look, I am used to receiving around $25 for a single sponsored post publication and $50 for an affiliate link, but I was surprised upon knowing that I would get paid $70 (around PHP3,500) for the task.

It must be a real fortune for a two-hour job, and it’s almost equivalent to what I earn for one straight week having an eight-to-five job. I am but speechless and thankful.

While I was given two days to finish the 10-question interview, I did it just on the first day out of excitement. Soon completed, I sent the file and received a reply saying that it would undergo a little review before the sending of the promised payment.

Days passed, and payment was still never wired. I thought I was scammed, but before weekend I finally received it via PayPal. At the same time, I got an email saying that my answers were impressive and asking if I could share it to my network soon it gets published. Why not?

Now I am planning to add a SERVICES section to my blog where I could have a list of my writing services and the likes. In the end, I must say that there are more earning opportunities that blogging has to offer, and I am but just halfway to discovering all of them.

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