30 Worth-Sharing Nuggets of Wisdom About Life and Personal Finance

30 Worth-Sharing Nuggets of Wisdom About Life and Personal Finance

TURNING THIRTY this May, I see the dotted line between adolescence and adulthood getting drawn solid and blue.

I don’t think that I am STILL YOUNG for the same carefree and less serious life ten years ago. I call it mature mindset. In thirty years, I have learned over a third or almost half the meaning of life I’ve chosen to lead.

Such has inspired me to share today my 30 nuggets of wisdom about life and personal finance. You might also want to follow me on twitter @signedMARCO as I regularly share there some quotable lines within the same page.

[1] You can assert your adulthood after getting loose from the grips of social expectations on one arm and quarter-life crisis on the other.

[2] You cannot defeat yourself in a duel without pulling your sword out of pride and complacency.

[3] You may be dreaming the wrong way all this time. Get a piece of paper and start mapping it out NOW. You will know then what it takes.

[4] Schools irrefutably sharpen your intellect with the whats of life. You can only educate yourself about the whys and hows through experience.

[5] Do something stupid once in a while, laugh out loud, and laugh the loudest about it over a beer.

[6] Start how everyone starts, continue while many decide to take a break, speed up while others slow down, and finish just on time. Tougher than imagined, life is a marathon not a sprint.

[7] You can always start it TODAY out of interest and imagination. Decide later on if it is still worth doing.

[8] Your problem, no matter how big or small, is packaged with a manual. Skip the verbose preliminaries and focus on the FAQs, troubleshooting, and when to get further help.

[9] When caught between doing what is RIGHT and doing what is GOOD, think about whether you want to end up justifying it or getting a good sleep.

[10] You can earn a fortune even while sleeping, but it does not mean that you sleep all day. Wake up and spend it prudently.

[11] Make your debt pay-off and indebtedness two different things.

[12] What makes the rich get richer and the poor get poorer is simply the difference in their commodification of time and opportunities.

[13] LUCKY are those who are born rich. They carry the burden of maintaining their wealth on their shoulders.

[14] You may be raised by your parents as their investment. Give them the returns then, and cut the vicious cycle. It is but a bad investment.

[15] You can always justify your suspicions, but never your ungenerosity with the clinking coins in your pocket.

[16] You can never know when someone else will appear at your doorstep for a loan. Prepare either cash or nothing but your honest refusal.

[17] You should ditch your cool friends who always initiate hangouts but do not shell out. You can always find more who share the same frugality and empathy.

[18] Don’t get into the trap of running a lavish lifestyle after your increased discretionary income. Nip it in the bud.

[19] Material things per se may not give you genuine happiness, but at least alternative means of trying to make it.

[20] The greatest luxury you can afford being a young professional is getting a good sleep after working hard all day. Invest in a comfortable bed and a nano aquarium.

[21] Your humble approach is never a sign of servitude nor surrender, rather a shortcut to the conclusive handshake of compromise.

[22] Your forgiveness should come with an equally sincere although more silent apology called prayer.

[23] You can always express your sincerest apology in just a word and save the other from struggling on a full-length oration of resentment.

[24] You should not always equate his silence to the kind of YES that pleases but you, rather listen first to what holds him back from giving you the displeasing NO.

[25] Your sensitivity to the feelings and needs of others will get you either closer or farther.

[26] You are never alone. It’s just an illusion produced by your misthinking of the past and overthinking of the future.

[27] You can never lead without doing the groundwork and designating yourself as the first follower.

[28] Others cannot celebrate their success with you without provoking bitterness and envy. Smile then and get yourself at least challenged if not inspired.

[29] You should not compare your achievements against others’ as this only results in either disdain or self-pity.

[30] You can always tell how big or small your achievement is. It is but the small ones that deserve bigger celebrations.

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