Lazada Seller Startup Checklist and Other Requirements

Lazada Seller Startup Checklist and Other Requirements
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SINCE THE PAST FEW DAYS, I have been seriously preparing for the launch of my Lazada online store. I am now but waiting for my waybill printer to arrive. I can no longer wait it. Haisst!

Part of the preparation, I secured a small business loan from CIMB Bank. I also purchased initial supplies — yoga mats and aquarium LED lights — from reliable suppliers at Facebook Marketplace, the same place where I have these initially listed.

I promised back in one of my previous posts that I would be sharing about this business venture. So, I’ll be sharing some basic requirements and needs to start selling at Lazada.

[1] Prepare Your Merchandise. What do you plan to sell? It’s good to secure a reasonable supply of merchandise ahead if you want to sell on Lazada so for you to just upload the item details and photos upon opening a seller’s account.

If you don’t have products yet, try to read the 99 Best Products to Sell Online in the Philippines and look for reliable suppliers. Most products sold at Lazada are imported from China, but this is not ideal for startups given the extremely high cost of overseas shipment, unless you have such a huge capital to make imports in bulks.

You can find alternative suppliers on Facebook Marketplace and even on social media buy-and-sell groups and pages. When looking for suppliers, try to haggle over reseller prices, and please do some background check to avoid getting scammed.

Have your merchandise listed soon alongside their price tags, descriptions, and other details. Simply prepare them for the launching of your online store at Lazada.

[2] Sign Up for Your Lazada Seller Account. Opening a seller account at Lazada is as easy as one-two-three. It takes less than thirty minutes with your gadget, but it’s better to use a desktop or a laptop for ease of display navigation.

You are given two options upon signup — Individual or Business (Corporate). You may start with the Individual Seller account to cut the long list of requirements such as business permits and other licenses.

Documentary requirements for individual sellers are simpler and more general like email, ID cards, physical addresses, and bank details. Upon successful signup, you will be asked to set up your store, and soon you’re ready to upload your merchandise.

[3] Provide Your Bank Account Details. Lazada has a centralized point of sale system, and you just need a bank account for you to receive your sales and profits.

Lazada has partnered with almost all banks and registering your bank account is never a hassle. You just have to provide your bank account name and number. That’s it!

[4] Invest in Quality Waybill Printer and Paper. Yes, you need a waybill printer and some quality paper. Don’t upload your product details and photos just yet without a waybill printer, paper and other requirements that follow.

You might get stressed or pressured if you just see the first order, but you don’t have the means and resources yet to process such an order. Relax.

You can purchase a waybill thermal printer from Lazada itself (an ordinary printer will also do). You also need sticky papers sized A5 or A6 or just an ordinary white bond paper; however, cutting to the desired size is highly required.

[5] Purchase Your Packaging Materials. You also need Lazada pouches and corrugated boxes. Same with waybill printer and paper, you can also purchase them all from Lazada store itself. Think about those products that you plan to sell and choose the best packaging sizes. Then, buy in bulks to save more.

[6] Add Some Bubble Wrap. Yes, you need bubble wraps especially for fragile items. Buyers prefer their ordered products to be well-packaged and handled carefully. Bubble wraps can be purchased at Lazada store.

[7] Launch Your Lazada Online Store and Start Selling!

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