iMillennial Publishers’ 2017 Year-End Report

iMillennial Publishers’ 2017 Year-End Report

It has been almost a year since iMillennial (iMillennial Publishers) was launched as a personal finance blog aimed at empowering young Filipino millennials to make informed financial decisions through personal finance tips, guides, and reviews.

Advocacy-driven, we have published articles that have served as your credible guides on making wise investments, opening high-yield savings accounts, managing a working budget, and the rest. In this article, we’ll walk you through the important milestones in the endeavors of iMillennial Publishers.

iMillennial 2017 Year-End eBook

Three days ago, we launched our first ebook – the iMillennial 2017 Year-End eBook. What’s good about ebooks is that they are highly portable and can be read anywhere (offline) through smartphones and tablets. iMillennial 2017 Year-End eBook is just another ebook awaiting your download, but it’s absolutely free upon your successful signup to our iMillennial Monthly Newsletter.

In a nutshell, iMillennial 2017 Year-End eBook is a compendium of 14 best personal finance articles published here, making your browsing and reading hassle-free.

A lightweight PDF file, the ebook includes articles – Mapping Out Your Journey Towards Financial Freedom, Simple Budget Hacks for First-Time Employees, 6 Priceless Money Lessons Dad Has Taught Me, Adopting Healthier Money Habits, and Personal Finance Tips for Millennial Teachers (complete series) and so on. Sign up now and grab a copy of the ebook here!

Audience Analytics

Since our launch on January 20, 2017 (11 months ago), iMillennial Publishers has been reaching more and more Filipino millennial readers around the world. To date, we have recorded over 114,000 page views from around 56,000 online users. Eighty-two percent (82%) of users come from Philippines, while the remaining 18% are shared by users from United States (3.5%), United Arab Emirates (2.10%), Saudi Arabia (2.08%), Singapore (1.90%), and others.

Equally important, there has been a significant increase in daily pageviews, now at least 350 views a day. Also, our iMillennial Facebook page has since been active, currently with 300 followers. With active online and offline promotions, we have directed all our efforts towards making new audience records within the first two quarters of 2018.

Google Analytics

Partners and Guest Posts

iMillennial has been into online publication for a short stretch of 11 months, but this length of time has never been a dismissive factor for other publishers and writers to build mutual trust and shared purpose with us.

For the past few months, iMillennial Publishers has been building quality backlinks, with articles indexed and featured in websites that are as credible as With outsourced articles, iMillennial Publishers has forged partnerships with other bloggers and online publishers –, Lamudi Philippines, Adventure Dweller, and others – all believe in the potential of iMillennial Publishers to reach more readers across the country and the world.

If you also run a blog, and you believe in collaborating with us, you can always send us your original articles for guest posting. Read our Guest Posts | Sponsored Articles Policy.

Google AdSense Revenue

iMillennial Publishers is an advertising-supported publisher that earns revenues primarily from featured placement of sponsored products, services, and ad links through Google AdSense program.

In November, we received our first payout of $102.04 from 7 months of running Google AdSense content and link ads. Several factors influenced our revenue – the gradual increase in traffic since our website launch, the one-month account suspension in July, and our commitment to improving user experience, hence limited yet strategic placement of ads. However, since the first payout, we have observed significant increase in revenue – around $50 for the last 45 days (largely on a CPC or cost-per-click basis).

With continuous innovations in online advertisement technology instituted by Google AdSense, iMillennial Publishers has always kept itself abreast of all optimization strategies, however without compromising positive user experience.

Native advertisement formats complementing content and link ads have already steered iMillennial Publishers’ forecast towards a revenue growth by 50-75% in the next two quarters. As revenue growth comes feasible, operating expenses are seen to increase due to upgraded web hosting plan, security features, virus scanning services, and others.

If Google AdSense ad placement revenue fails to compensate for these expenses, iMillennial Publishers shall employ more aggressive strategies including donation request, content restriction to adblocker users, and other affiliate marketing strategies.

Call for Adblocker Whitelisting

Disable your adblocker on this site! iMillennial Publishers adheres to the highest standards of digital advertisement. As much as we value user experience, we do not display intrusive and annoying banner and pop-up ads. Hence, our Google AdSense content, link, and native ads are strategically placed on our articles so to ensure smooth browsing and reading.

Google Analytics

Ad blocking hurts publishers’ revenues tremendously, even iMillennial Publishers. With a hundred million active adblock users around the world in 2015 and increasing exponentially through the years, digital marketers and publishers alike face major revenue losses.

Support our responsible online publication by including us among your adblocker whitelisted websites!

2018 iMillennial Outlook

iMillennial Publishers has found 2017 a perfect year for launching its brand, affirming its public readership and platform profitability. As 2018 unfolds, we expect more opportunities for sustainable online publication from increased audience traffic and engagement, collaborations and partnerships with other publishers and writers, and implementation of innovative strategies for revenue growth and reduced operating expenses.

Similarly, we look forward to building more quality backlinks through indexes and features with other authority personal finance blogs, hence improving our search engine optimization (SEO) rank. In the end, we can make these happen with your support and trust.

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