How to Resubmit Website to Google AdSense After Domain Change

How to Resubmit Website to Google AdSense After Domain Change

Google AdSense, as no doubt the digital ad placement giant, strongly demands its publishing partners their serious adherence to its strictest policies, aka AdSense Program Policies, otherwise makes them fall under its curse of a lifetime ban. It sounds autocratic, but Google simply safeguards the healthy and sustainable digital advertising ecosystem which also involves the advertisers, publishers, and internet users.

I have been in a three-year partnership with Google AdSense on the front end of my blog content monetization. It is a win-win partnership for both parties. We both get our fair shares from the advertisement bids. Through these years however, I already had one account suspension after an alleged self-clicking on ads, but I learned a good lesson from such an experience.

Google has the technology beyond what an ordinary blogger can ever imagine. It tracks both ends seamlessly, and hence, no further explanation about what happens or what exists on one end is deemed necessary. Google decides based on what it learns from its end. I see it that way.

In one of my recently published articles, I detailed out how I decided and managed to change my website domain name. I even concluded it with what I thought about Google AdSense’s pending approval of my site. As I wrote:

Google AdSense has slightly changed the way it welcomes new domains to the account. Before, I had the ads running on my second website, AcadShare, right upon registration. That’s the only worry I have right now. But should I really worry about it?

I admit I became a little worried about it. I deleted the old domain and enrolled the new one. I did it in as simple as one-two-three. Yes, it was the same process I had with my previous enrollment of AcadShare. Under SITES, there’s an ADD SITE feature which makes the domain deletions and additions possible. Copying of codes to the website is further required.

The problem I experienced however is that it has been two weeks extending beyond the promised 14-day review. What’s taking it long? As Google AdSense notes after domain enrollment:

Please bear with us! This usually takes a few days, but in some cases can take up to 2 weeks. We’ll notify you as soon as we’ve run some checks on your site. Make sure you don’t remove your site and resubmit it because this can delay the process. In the meantime, place the code on every page you want ads to appear. After our checks are complete, your site will be ready to show ads.

By the way, I have two independent domains enrolled and running with Google AdSense. This provides me an assurance that whatever happens to my pending new domain enrollment, my account will still be up. I still have the other domain enrolled and approved.

What if I have just a single domain in the account and I have to change it? What if it doesn’t get approved? These questions make me think that changing the sole domain in Google AdSense might compromise the whole account. I see it as a big problem for other bloggers out there.

Impatient I was after the 14-day period, I deleted the new domain under review and with pending approval. I had it reenrolled. After a few hours though, I received a review confirmation email saying:

Thanks for submitting your site ‘’ for AdSense. The team has reviewed it, but unfortunately your site isn’t ready to show ads at this time. There are some issues which need fixing before your site is ready to show ads.

For more information, visit the ‘Sites’ page in your account. We encourage you to review and update your site. Once you’ve done so, you can request a review. Our specialists will review you site for compliance with our Program Policies, so make sure to resolve all of the issues.

As I checked the review results, I further learned that Google AdSense could not review domain submissions as of the time for COVID-19 pandemic reasons, saying that the review team wasn’t available. I felt slightly relieved. It’s never a disapproval after all. With that, I promise to make another post as soon as it gets approved.

Your site isn’t ready to show ads. Some of our services are temporarily experiencing delays during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. This means that we’re unable to review your site at this time.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your patience.

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