How to Fund COL Financial Account Using Metrobank Direct (Online)

How to Fund COL Financial Account Using Metrobank Direct (Online)

Metrobank Direct (also, Metrobankdirect Personal) is the online banking service of Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company. Metrobank is a premier universal bank in the Philippines that offers a wide range of banking and other financial products and services. Here are some interesting features and functions of your Metrobank Direct:

Account Information. You can view and monitor your Metrobank account transactions and check negotiations for the last three months. You can even download and printout your bank statements of account.

Bills Payment. With Metrobank Direct, you can register, schedule, and pay your bills online. Instead of visiting merchant and payment centers, bills payments can be made at your own convenience and comfort.

Fund Transfers. You can make online transfers of fund. You can do it with your own accounts, registered third party accounts, and unregistered third party accounts. You can even schedule your future fund transfers.

Stock Trading. With Metrobank Direct, you can also manage your stock trading transactions with First Metro Securities Brokerage Corporation (FirstMetroSec), the stockbrokerage house of Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company.

In line with the launch of the First Metro Securities online trading facility, we are pleased to announce that you can now use your Metrobankdirect Retail account to settle your stock trading transactions with First Metro Securities Brokerage Corporation (FMSBC).  This new online trading facility makes investing in the stock market convenient and more cost-efficient for retail investors.

To start enjoying this facility, please enroll a Metrobankdirect peso savings or checking account by clicking Manage My Accounts, then enroll in First Metro Securities Brokerage Corp.’s (FMSBC) online trading facility as follows: (1) Fill out the First Metro Securities Brokerage Corporation (FMSBC) On-line Trading Account Application Form, On-line Trading   Agreement and signature cards. You may fill out the forms by visiting (2) Print, sign, and submit application documents and other requirements to your depository branch.   You should bring at least two   forms of identification documents (source: Metrobankdirect Personal online portal).

Yesterday I got my Metrobank debit card (payroll account). Remembering that I can conveniently fund my COL Financial account using the new bank account, I enrolled the card online as soon as I came home. As I have detailed out, Metrobankdirect Personal offers interesting features and functions, many which Security Bank (previous payroll account) does not provide.

COL Financial Account Guide

How to Fund Your COL Financial Account Using Metrobank Direct Online

  1. After a successful login to your Metrobank Direct Personal (online account), you are directed to your online portal. Click Pay Bills on the eBanking Solutions (left sidebar).
  2. Under Special Biller, select Others Investments as the category. Scroll down options and click COL Financial Group, Inc.
  3. Enter your COL Financial Account Number (e.g., 12345678) and your Phone Number. Select the Account to Debit, then enter your desired amount. You can choose between Immediate and Scheduled as the Payment Type. Hit Continue after review of your funding.
  4. If you want, you can even register COL Financial Group, Inc through Register a New Biller If it’s already registered, then you will no longer enter payment details again the next time you’ll fund the account.

Disclaimer: The author is not affiliated with the Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company (Metrobank), however a payroll account holder. Please take this article as a helpful tutorial on how to fund your COL Financial account using Metrobank Direct (online) and not a help page for your other problems and concerns with Metrobank.

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