19 Faulty Mindsets That Make Filipinos Shy Away from Investing

19 Faulty Mindsets That Make Filipinos Shy Away from Investing

YOUR MINDSET is a set of attitudes and beliefs that shapes your decisions about interpreting and responding to your daily experiences and encounters with challenges. Your financial mindset, for instance, defines your decisions and choices about managing your finances and even making investments.

Most Filipinos, and possibly you, still do not have investment goals because of the faulty fixed mindsets that need to be seriously addressed. Read on, ditch them, and develop more positive and growth mindsets.

[1] That’s a big scam. I heard people losing their fortune, like this and that. That neighbor of mine also invested and suffered the same fate.

[2] Investing and gambling are just the same. I’d rather bet on the national lottery and get a chance to win big time.

[3] I work hard earning all the money I have. Making investments is but risky. I don’t want to end up bankrupt.

[4] Investments are just for the rich. I don’t earn much. I can’t even make decent savings, and so investments.

[5] Life is short. We should keep on working, earning, and spending. Thinking about the future but brings worries and fears.

[6] Life is unpredictable. I don’t know when death would take me, maybe tomorrow. Making investments is just useless. Let’s just leave things to fate.

[7] I don’t need those investments. I have children who can and who will support me through my retirement.

[8] I don’t think I’d benefit after all from my investments. My children would just quarrel over what I’d leave them behind.

[9] It’s way better to just save my money in the bank. At least, it’s safe, and I can have it withdrawn anytime I need it.

19 Faulty Mindsets That Make Filipinos Shy Away from Investing

[10] Making investments requires additional knowledge and skills. I don’t have time for those research and readings.

[11] Most investment instruments these days are made available online. I don’t know where to start. I am not techie, and I’m afraid I’d mess things up.

[12] I am afraid those companies I’d invest in would soon get bankrupt, or I wouldn’t be able to make use of those insurance coverages.

[13] The best and only true investment is a house and lot. Its value appreciates over time. Others are all but scams disguised as investments.

[14] It’s absolutely difficult to discern which investment is good and which is bad. I’m afraid I’d choose the bad.

[15] Investment instruments come with high upfront fees. Bottom line, I’d lose before I even make some returns on my investments.

[16] I can’t even trust those financial advisors and fund managers. I get suspicious whether they’d really be helping me or just making a commission.

[17] Making long-term investments is boring and slow. I don’t even know whether it’d bring me returns at the end of the investment journey.

[18] I’ve got SSS, PhilHealth, and all other government benefits. I think these are enough for my retirement. Additional investment goals just make things complicated.

[19] I know what to do with my finances. I don’t need those pieces of advice about making investments.

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