How to Earn Money on TikTok Philippines [20+ Ways to Monetize Content 2023]

How to Earn Money on TikTok Philippines [20+ Ways to Monetize Content 2023]

You definitely know what TikTok is and what makes it extremely popular with Filipinos, young and old alike.

To ordinary social media users, it’s a go-to app for short viral videos and trends such as memes, lip-synced songs, comedy and skits, dance challenges, food recipes, reviews, etc.

I see no reason to make an elaborate and technical introduction for the popular social media platform, but here are the biggest reasons why you should try TikTok and even go beyond its entertainment value:

  • TikTok has over 1.60 billion users worldwide as of 2023, of which 1.05 billion are its monthly active users [Demand Sage].
  • TikTok is already the 6th most popular social media platform in the world, with over 1 billion videos streamed every day [Demand Sage]
  • TikTok’s primary revenue stream comes from online advertising. In 2022, TikTok generated around $4 billion worldwide via online advertising [Statista]
  • 43.4 million TikTok users aged 18+ are Filipinos, making the Philippines the top 7 among countries with the highest number of users [Oberlo]
  • 91% of Filipinos come to TikTok to learn new things, from funny and entertaining content to the latest trends, while 73% discover new brands and products and create entertaining or educational content around them [Inquirer].
  • 50% of users say that TikTok boosts their mood and makes them happy and positive, while 4 in 10 users say ‘lifting their spirits’ is vital in motivating them to purchase [TikTok Trend Report Philippines].
  • Mega-influencers, usually prominent celebrities, earn an average of PHP150,000 per sponsored post in the Philippines. Macro-influencers and micro-influencers make PHP80,000 and PHP40,000, respectively. Nano-influencers, social media users with less than 10,000 followers, can make PHP5,000 per post [INSG].

23 TikTok Monetization Ways (Direct and Indirect) in the Philippines (2023)

Social media platforms, like Facebook and Instagram, offer various content monetization opportunities, and TikTok, the fastest-growing and most engaging platform, is no different. 

Here are 23 of the best and most effective ways to monetize video content on TikTok and leverage the platform itself for business opportunities in the Philippines this 2023:

Affiliate Marketing

You’ve probably seen Shopee and Lazada links on TikTok video captions or actual videos and live streams. When you buy through these links, the TikToker or influencer earns commissions. 

That’s how simple affiliate marketing works, and it’s one of the most popular ways to monetize TikTok content. 

The job of affiliate marketers is to connect prospective buyers with e-commerce platforms and merchants and earn commissions from every purchase. With Lazada Affiliates Program, for example, they can make a 10% commission or even higher depending on the products promoted.

Apart from Lazada Affiliates Program, other programs in the Philippines that are equally worth trying are Shopee, Clickbank, Commission Junction, Involve Asia, and Zalora. Many mega-influencers and successful affiliate marketers in these programs earn as much as six to seven figures a month.

Brand Collaborations

Businesses, whether big or small, have developed a strong confidence in social media to reach more people and convert them into customers. They collaborate with social media influencers to raise awareness and market their brands, products, and services.

It may take time and a lot of work to build a massive fanbase on TikTok. Still, if you have thousands already, and your videos hit millions of views, you should collaborate with small businesses around your area and try brand promotions. 

As soon as you make impressive results and have happy partners, your network will eventually expand, and more prominent brands that pay higher for brand collaborations will seek you.

INSG says that mega-influencers, usually prominent celebrities, in the Philippines earn as high as PHP150,000 per post on average. 

Macro-influencers and micro-influencers make PHP80,000 and PHP40,000, respectively. Nano-influencers, social media users with less than 10,000 followers, can make PHP5,000 per post.

Live Selling

People sell in real-time on social media platforms, including TikTok. It has been around for years and became extremely popular during the peak of the pandemic when people would sell almost everything, even pre-loved clothes and live plants.

Live selling is an excellent opportunity to maximize the impact of a sales pitch and increase customer engagement. As a live seller, you can directly speak to your customers and provide them with the necessary information and details about the products sold. 

With products on hand, some technical requirements, and thousands of engaged followers, you can quickly get on board and make sales. 

Plan, announce, and promote ahead your live selling schedule. You also better invite your friends for active online engagement. Demo the products and answer all questions about them. You may reserve the best items for last, but let the online shoppers be informed about it.

Service Promotions

You may not be a business owner who sells merchandise but a skilled worker or a freelance professional in the service industry, an architect, a personal development speaker, or a financial advisor maybe.

If that is the case, you may always use TikTok as a platform to create and share informative and demonstrative videos, gain thousands to millions of followers, establish a solid reputation in the industry, and convert these followers into clients. 

Short TikTok videos may drive traffic to your LinkedIn profile, YouTube channel, or just Facebook page, where you primarily showcase your qualifications, portfolios, and channels for people to avail your professional services.

TikTok Shop

TikTok is no longer just a video-sharing social media platform but also an e-commerce platform where people sell and buy merchandise. 

Unlike building an online store via Shopify or any other self-hosted content management systems (CMSs), putting up a TikTok shop is like renting a fully furnished stall at the mall. You don’t need coding and accounting skills. You just have to sign up, upload your product photos, and add descriptions to get started. 

TikTok Shop is more promising than other e-commerce platforms, such as Lazada and Shopee, because people do other exciting stuff, not just shopping. It’s like, once again, in a mall where people watch movies, dine, relax, and shop before heading home. 

TikTok Creator Fund

With TikTok Creator Fund, TikTok provides financial support to top-tier content creators. It compensates video creators for their creative content and platform performance. 

Per TikTok, the fund is not a grant or ad revenue-sharing program. Creators receive funds based on various factors from their videos, and creators will know that performance on TikTok is dynamic. Compensation and eligibility are primarily based on meeting specific video views and engagement thresholds.

Although that is the case, you may work on your account to get qualified soon if you still need to. Qualifications include at least 10,000 followers, 100,000 video views within the last 30 days, and adherence to community standards. 

TikTok Series

TikTok Series is the latest monetization opportunity on TikTok, where content creators can have the opportunity to maximize earnings from their premium video content.

With TikTok Series, creators can put a series or collection of premium and instructional video content behind a paywall to generate incremental income. 

Such series may include up to 80 videos, each running for 30 seconds to 30 minutes long. On the other hand, followers and viewers can access the exclusive content by purchasing or paying for the ‘series’ via direct in-video links or through the creator’s profile.

For now, TikTok Series is available to select and eligible content creators who must be at least 18 years old, with over 100,000 followers, and an account in good standing. 

Live Gifts, Coins, and Diamonds

TikTok live streaming can also be rewarding. Your followers and viewers can send you virtual gifts to show their engagement and appreciation, a counterpart of Facebook Stars for reels, live broadcasts, and even simple photos and text posts.

TikTok’s virtual gifts, sent as emojis and stickers such as panda, rainbow puke, drama queen, and the planet, come in different coin values that can be converted into diamonds and further exchanged for real money. The most expensive TikTok gift so far is the TikTok Universe which converts to 34,999 coins. 

Diamonds are worth 50% of the value of coins, and each is usually worth 5 cents (USD). However, there is still a platform cut when you cash them in. TikTok makes a cut of 50% from the diamond earnings. 

TikTok Referral Rewards

Apart from TikTok live gifts, TikTokers may also earn rewards under a referral program. This happens when existing users invite new users to join the platform. The referrers start earning as soon as the new users create profiles and enter via the invitation codes. 

Not only the referrers but even the new users also earn onboarding rewards by participating in regular video-watching tasks accessible from the activity page.

Interestingly, these hard-earned referral rewards can be redeemed for actual money, even coupons and mobile top-ups in select countries. Usually, these are equivalent to 1,000 points or $5 per referral.

TikTok app is a tap away from Google Play or Apple App Store, but if you still have friends, family members, or coworkers who haven’t downloaded it, you should try sending them an invitation code and earn your first referral rewards.

Patreon Patrons

You may be offering free content to your followers on TikTok all this time, but actually, you may also entice them to join you on Patreon, become your patrons, and unlock your paid premium content. 

Patreon can be compared with OnlyFans; however, the latter is usually for adult content. Patreon is a popular platform but for a general audience, and it requires members or patrons a paid subscription to access content.

It is for you to share the usual content like webcomics, videos, songs, and podcasts that are valuable and worth the subscription fees. You may also get more creative with behind-the-scenes, exclusive content, live chats and hangouts, live mini-concerts, community access, and public shoutouts.

Music Promotions

Videos get more interesting, memorable, and liked with accompanying background songs or music that add entertainment value to the content. And you can also make money with these songs.

Music artists recognize the value of promoting their songs, particularly the newly released ones, on TikTok. It translates to more downloads, concert tickets, and merchandise sales. So, they may pay you higher if your videos go viral.

You can always find music distributors and marketers online that act as intermediaries and to partner with so you can use and promote music and songs and then make money. 

Original Music Royalties

You may be a rising star in the music industry and need exposure. Or even if you’re not yet, you can still earn royalties from your original song compositions on TikTok. 

There are just many ways how to earn money with these. One is to look for and partner with music distributors and marketers who do the work and sharing of your music to various platforms, even on Spotify and Apple Music. 

You may also do this all by yourself. TikTok itself has a particular program for original music creators that when their music gets used over and over again, they earn royalties. 

Interestingly, you may also drive your followers and audience to subscription-based platforms where they pay to download and stream your original music. 

Licensed Content

Aside from earning royalties from original music and songs, you may also make a fortune from getting your content licensed for commercial use, especially the videos that have gone viral. 

Companies, even news agencies, may be interested in republishing or reusing these videos for their digital marketing campaigns and may be willing to pay you. 

To do this, you may start with websites or platforms that offer content licensing, such as Jukin Media, DistroKid, and AWAL. Or you may keep your contact details visible and your interest in such business opportunity.

TikTok Account Flipping

You may be familiar with website flipping or Facebook page flipping. It is when you build a website or page, generate content, improve monetization, make it valuable over time, and then sell it for a profit. In other words, it is a build-and-sell business strategy.

TikTok account flipping is also possible. Find a promising niche and create content and videos around it to get started. Your goal is to grow your fan base. As it happens, you may start reaching out to brands and interested entrepreneurs within the industry. 

As generally suggested, build theme-based rather than personal TikTok accounts so that the new account managers can easily keep up with the old practices and the subscribed audience.

Paid Advertisements

Whether you’re trying to market your business, products, or services, TikTok is an excellent platform to make boost and spread awareness about your brand. Social media marketing is way more practical these days than traditional marketing strategies.

TikTok offers various ad types and formats, such as in-feed, video, spark, image, carousel, pangle ads, and many others. Accordingly, TikTok ads’ cost starts at 10$ or a CPM of PHP586, and the platform also requires you to pay a minimum fee of 500$ or PHP29,300 per campaign.

These ads can be rolled out based on a variety of TikTok bidding methods which include cost per thousand views (CPV), cost per thousand impressions (CPM), optimized cost per thousand impressions (oCPM), and cost per click (CPC). 

Influencer Marketing

Apart from paid advertisements, it may also be effective to collaborate directly with TikTok influencers to market your products and services. 

Some up-and-coming influencers even accept free product samples and gift packs as compensation for promoting them to their followers. Still, if you can allocate a budget from your business, you can always reach out to mega-influencers who may have millions of followers and the broadest platform reach. 

You may even build long-term partnerships with these influencers for regular video plugs and product promotions on TikTok and other social media platforms. In other words, you may hire them as your brand ambassadors.

YouTube Channel Traffic

YouTube and TikTok may cater to the same band of digital audiences or video enthusiasts. However, if you’ve pre-established an enormous fanbase and have been earning way higher on YouTube, you may still utilize TikTok to drive traffic to your channel.

You can have clips of your longer videos shared on TikTok and attract engagements and conversions. You might want to try as well paid advertisements, sponsorships, or influencer collaborations to do the work for you. 

Nowadays, utilizing multiple social media channels pays more than just focusing on one. Your competitors are definitely doing the same, but you’re not yet late, of course. After all, people create accounts across different apps, not just in one. 

Website and Blog Traffic

Blogging and vlogging are different, but some are good at both worlds. Bloggers prefer to write and maintain blogs. Some are just website administrators who manage service-oriented websites. 

You may be monetizing your website or blog through ad displays and paid premium services, and for you to broaden your online presence or increase traffic, you should tap TikTok.

Like driving traffic to your YouTube channel, you may start creating your own TikTok videos, try paid advertisements, or collaborate with TikTok influencers. That is if you can leverage costs to make more with your website or blog.

Online Shop Traffic

Your online shop may not be on TikTok but on other e-commerce platforms, such as Lazada or Shopee, a self-hosted website powered by Shopify, or just on Facebook. It would be best if you won’t miss the marketing opportunity through TikTok.

Although you may avail of affiliate marketing programs, for example, with Lazada or Shopee, where you give a cut on your sales for the affiliate commissions, you might also want to look for and partner with TikTok influencers to do the direct marketing for you. 

You may also just do this entirely by yourself by creating your own videos, building a fanbase on the platform, and driving traffic to your online shop. Yes, it requires significant work, but it will make you more sales and profits when done right.

Facebook and Instagram Followers

With growing followers on TikTok, you may also convert them into your Facebook page or Instagram followers. They will always find you on other social media platforms, but taking it seriously and aggressively will expedite the conversion. 

Different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok have different monetization models and programs. You may be earning higher on one than the others, for example, higher on Facebook than on TikTok, but you still need to make more effort and work on the other.

If people find you worth following on TikTok, they’ll follow you also on Facebook and Instagram. You give them reasons to check on you on these platforms occasionally, which means more work to do.

TikTok Talent Management

If you have an experience in talent management, a team, and all resources, you may also start a TikTok talent management agency. 

Talent management makes things easier for successful and up-and-coming influencers, with talent managers handling deal flow, negotiating with contracts on behalf of their talents, managing feedback and press releases, and even reviewing various reports and metrics to improve overall performance and earnings. 

TikTok supports this idea with Creator Marketplace, which allows talent managers, with creator authorization, to access and manage accounts on behalf of the talents. It serves more than just the needs of creators with thousands or millions of followers, but the mega-celebrity level creators who run hectic digital lives.

TikTok Growth Specialist Services

While some people have earned a reputation as search engine optimization (SEO), Google Ads, and Facebook marketing experts, TikTok has also produced growth experts or specialists who have developed a thorough knowledge of data analytics, operations, and marketing strategies.

As a TikTok growth specialist, you may collaborate with big brands and influencers and employ strategies for them to reach their targets and goals. You may also do publications, make your own content, and develop courses for the consumption of other TikTok creators and marketers.

Studying everything about TikTok and its potential for business and monetization may take time and a lot of work. At the same time, you must establish your reputation in the industry, but it will surely be a rewarding job in the long term.

Crowdfunding Projects

Crowdfunding for nonprofit and charitable causes has become digital and popular. Social media platforms are not just virtual communities for communication and social interactions but are also for advocacies and support of humanitarian causes.

Many nonprofits have started to utilize TikTok to connect with younger audiences who share the same advocacies and causes in a more personal and immediate way. 

Suppose you’re part of a charity or organization that needs funding for noble causes. In that case, consider reaching out to more generous donors around the globe through TikTok, and there is always a good appeal or approach to leverage the platform for the mission.

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