Best Way to Write Content for Cash – Earn Money Online by Content Writing

Best Way to Write Content for Cash - Earn Money Online by Content Writing

If you have moderate writing skills that you want to polish and earn some cash with your writing skills, you have surely landed in the right place. In this brief article, we will tell you all about the best ways to write content for money. Gone are the days where you had to find clients and deal with all their nonsense while getting paid. Today you can earn tons of money by writing on digital platforms. If you have no idea about earning money via online sources, you should probably read this post.

First, let us discuss the best way to write content for cash!

You should know that the web is the biggest platform that can offer you multiple content writing opportunities and earn money. You can easily make cash with writing if you work online. Online working is considered the best way to start earning from an early age. Especially if you are skilled at something, you can easily start earning a handsome amount in no time.

The best way to earn money online via content writing!

Here are some of the top ways that you can use for earning cash:

Start your blog.

The number one way to earn money with writing is by simply starting your blog. Blogging is the best way to start your own independent earning. You can start as many blog sites as you want and make money faster than getting paid from clients. Starting a blog is easy today, and this is all thanks to platforms like WordPress. You can create self-hosted blogs, but you have to make sure that you work hard on your sites to start earning. Also, you need to publish 100% unique content on your blog site.

Pro-Tip: You can ensure originality of your content with the help of a plagiarism checker. The digital world is full of competitors, so if plagiarism is found in the content you shared on your blog, you can face many consequences from search engines. So must pass your content through plagiarism test by using any online plagiarism checker free tool.

Write guest posts for others.

It can take a decent amount of time for your blog to mature. So if you don’t want to wait for your blog to mature, you can also write for other blogs. There are thousands of blogging sites indexed on the web looking for different writers who can write good quality and unique content for them. You have to find the blog sites with the category that says ‘write for us.’ You can send your samples on these pages and can start writing for them. This is the best way to earn quick cash via writing.

Make cash with affiliate marketing.

You can also earn money with affiliate marketing. Now you should know that affiliate marketing is directly connected with content writing. In affiliate marketing, you have to promote products based on services offered by other sites in your blog content. Now, if readers click on the promotion links you have added in your post, you can earn a commission on that click. This is the easiest way to start earning money with good quality writing! In affiliate marketing, you have to make sure that your content is 100% unique if you want readers to trust you and your promotions. An online plagiarism checker can help you authenticate the original of your work.

Register yourself with freelance writing platforms.

Today you can find dozens of job opportunities for writing on the web. There are multiple freelancing platforms, including Upwork and Fiverr, which can help writers connect with clients offering content writing work. You can easily build your authority in the writing industry once you start working on freelance platforms and win positive reviews from your clients. The best way to get positive feedback from your customers is by focusing on originality and quality. Today, you have online plagiarism checkers and grammar checker that can help you create the best quality content.

Write scripts for video creators or podcasts.

Today you can see hundreds of people on the web providing video content and hosting their podcast shows. Well, you must know that these content creators are not so good at preparing their scripts and so you can write scripts for them and get paid in return. This is also one of the trendy ways of making cash with online writing.

Submit articles in magazines.

If you are skilled at writing and have plenty of juicy stories to tell, you should simply step into the magazine industry. You can easily make tons of money if you publish content in an online magazine. If your content is unique and interesting for readers, you can easily make up to $500 per article. Just make sure that your articles are checked for plagiarism with a plagiarism checker before you submit them to the publisher.


Online content writing has no doubts about its pros, and you can surely make money from it. Still, you must know that online content writing or ghostwriting should always be high quality and unique if you want to build your authority and career in this industry. Thanks to online proofreading tools and plagiarism checker free utilities, you can easily ensure the quality of your content is good before you publish your work!