How to Download PhilHealth MDR in 3 Easy Steps [with Pictures]

How to Download PhilHealth MDR in 3 Easy Steps [with Pictures]

The Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth) is a tax-exempt, government-owned and controlled corporation (GOCC) attached to the Department of Health that implements universal health coverage and ensures a sustainable national health insurance program for all Filipinos.

PhilHealth provides financial assistance on medical and hospitalizations of members and qualified beneficiaries and dependents.

Upon processing PhilHealth medical and hospitalization benefits, members need to present their PhilHealth Member Data Record (MDR).

It is a one-page document that contains the member’s basic information, details about current employer (if employed), and dependents or beneficiaries under the name.

Members can now download PhilHealth MDR online from the official website of PhilHealth, hence a total convenience.

How to Download PhilHealth MDR

In this tutorial, we’ll walk you through our three easy steps on how to download PhilHealth MDR (If PhilHealth Online Account has not yet been created, check the simple registration process below).

[1] Log in to Your PhilHealth Account. To download PhilHealth MDR online, visit the official website of PhilHealth at On the right sidebar, find Member Inquiry Login. Key in your PhilHealth Identification Number (PIN) and password.

How to Download PhilHealth MDR in 3 Easy Steps
PhilHealth Member Inquiry

[2] Answer the Security Question. Successful login prompts the second-level access security. (You really need to succeed this test to download PhilHealth MDR). Enter your answer to the Security Question displayed, and access your online PhilHealth account.

How to Download PhilHealth MDR in 3 Easy Steps
PhilHealth Security Question

[3] Click the Printer Icon and Download PhilHealth MDR (in PDF). Once there, you can see your static information. Click the printer icon beside MDR Printing to display your PhilHealth MDR in a new tab.

Take note that PhilHealth MDR is in PDF format. Generally, members either download PhilHealth MDR and print directly whenever a printer is available, or save a copy for later printing.

How to Download PhilHealth MDR in 3 Easy Steps
PhilHealth Member Static Information

How to Register for a PhilHealth Online Account

Before you can download PhilHealth MDR, you need an online account first. We’ll walk you through the process:

[1] Registering for PhilHealth Online Account requires your PhilHealth Identification Number (PIN), email address, phone number, and personal details.

[2] On the right sidebar of the PhilHealth official website, find Member Inquiry Login, and click Register.

[3] On the displayed form, encode your PIN (without dashes -) and other personal information like your birthdate and complete name. Enter as well your active email as this is important for receiving the activation link and login credentials.

[4] Select three Security Questions and provide answers (keep a record of the details).

[5] Enter the Security Code Number, and then click Submit Registration.

[6] Check email for confirmation of registration along with login credentials — PIN and Password. Click the link provided in the email to activate the account.

[7] Success! Start exploring the features of the account upon login and download PhilHealth MDR.

Disclaimer: The author is not affiliated with the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth), however a member of the health insurance program. Please take this article as a helpful tutorial on how to download PhilHealth MDR online in easy steps and not a help page for your other problems and concerns with PhilHealth.


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