How to Create Your PayMaya Negosyo Mobile Account

How to Create Your PayMaya Negosyo Mobile Account
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PAYMAYA NEGOSYO is a free mobile app or digital payment solution that allows micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) and individuals to receive and manage secure, contactless, and online payments by bank transfers via InstaPay, e-wallets such as PayMaya, and PayMaya Quick Response Code (QR) from business clients.

PayMaya Negosyo, as recently launched, is part of the Philippine’s largest domestic remittance network that involves two of the digital financial services leaders, PayMaya and Smart Padala.

PayMaya Negosyo App Features. PayMaya Negosyo is no doubt a game changer in the Philippine digital economy upon providing small business entrepreneurs with the highly innovative and convenient tool to manage payments and other financial transactions.

[1] Fast Onboarding. Creating PayMaya Negosyo mobile account is quite easy and totally free. You can complete your account registration in a few minutes after downloading the app from Google Play and get approval within one to two days.

[2] Convenient Payment Solution. It allows you to receive online payments from your business clients after scanning your PayMaya digital QR or making bank transfers and e-wallets with just your mobile number. If you have a physical store, then you may just display your PayMaya QR and allow them to scan it for exact payments.

[3] Easy Payment Tracking. PayMaya Negosyo is another powerful and convenient digital financial solution for small business entrepreneurs. Payments made through banks and other digital wallets can all be channeled and managed in a single mobile account.

[4] Zero Monthly Fees. You can download the app for free, and it does not come with any balance requirements, set-up, and monthly fees. QR payment transactions require convenience fees for as low as 1.5%.

[5] Safe and Secure Transactions. You can always enjoy zero cash handling risks with payments all in the app​. Equally, PayMaya Negosyo is regulated by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP).

How to Create Your PayMaya Negosyo Mobile Account

[1] Download PayMaya Negosyo App. Search, download, and install PayMaya Negosyo app from Google Play Store (may not yet be available on Apple App Store) to your mobile device.

How to Create Your PayMaya Negosyo Mobile Account
PayMaya Negosyo Account Registration Guide

[2] Start Your Account Registration. Open the installed PayMaya Negosyo app. Click on Register and type your complete name as it appears on your ID (to be scanned later). You must be a Filipino citizen and at least 18 years old to get your account registration approved. Tap Next to continue.

[3] Enter the One-Time Password. Double check the digits registered on the app. Wait for the one-time password (OTP) sent to your registered mobile number. Enter it on the app as instructed. Tap Next to continue.

[4] Enter the Email Verification Code. Same as with the previous step, double check the email address. Access your email account and copy the verification code on the app as instructed. Tap Next to continue.

How to Create Your PayMaya Negosyo Mobile Account
PayMaya Negosyo Account Registration Guide

[5] Review the Data Privacy Policy. Skim through the terms and conditions. Then, select your preferred Data and Personalization Settings. Tap Agree afterwards.

[6] Complete Your Account Registration. You will be required to provide your other personal information, address, and identification details (valid ID and video selfie). Tap Start upon completion.

[7] Wait for the Approval. Your account registration will soon be evaluated. You will receive an SMS confirming the approval within 48 hours. You may start receiving contactless payments from your business clients as soon as you get the approval.

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