How to Claim Your Undelivered SSS UMID Card

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I know how it feels getting hopeless and irked waiting for your SSS UMID Card (technically, UMID Card issued by SSS) still undelivered right to your doorstep after almost a year or more. I tell you this – Don’t wait any longer. If it’s not yet in your hands after three or four months as what SSS promised, you better stop waiting for the postman. He’s not coming anymore!

With a shoulder shrug though, you should admit then that our postal services are but damn inefficient. Lol! As how an American lawyer expressed it in dismay four years back, “Your mailing system sucks.”

SSS UMID (Unified Multipurpose Identification) Card is the third-generation identification card issued by the Philippine Social Security System that uses contactless smartchip technology and stores social security information and other biometric data such as fingerprints, facial image, and signature.

As an innovative solution, this UMID Card streamlines the identification systems of major governmental services including Social Security System (SSS), Government Service Insurance System (GSIS), Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth), and Home Development Mutual Fund (PAGIBIG). See SSS UMID Card features below.

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It was first of December 2016 (a year and four months ago) when I had the luxury of time to process as well my SSS UMID Card application after my successful Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) card renewal. From Sampaloc, Manila, I went straight to SSS Servicing Branch in Diliman, Quezon City. Good thing, I had the transaction finished in less than an hour. Here’s what I did and what you should also do a month or two after your SSS UMID Card application:

How to Verify the Status of Your SSS UMID Card Online

Yes, do the online tracking of your SSS UMID Card transaction status and progress. You can do it in your SSS online account, the same account where you track your monthly SSS contributions. If you haven’t signed up yet, then you better check this article, How to Check SSS Contributions Online in 3 Easy Steps (with Pictures). If you already have, then follow these steps:

  • Visit SSS official website and login to your account (Member Login).
  • Hover your cursor over E-Services, then click Inquiry.
  • Check Member Info and click SSS ID Card. You can find there the Transaction/Card Status which specifies dates of your SSS UMID Card generation, packaging, and mailing.

If it’s already mailed as per status, and a few months have already passed, then you should contact SSS to verify the whereabouts of your SSS UMID Card. It must have been out there, undelivered and lost in the piles of parcels at your local post office. However, don’t go directly to the post office and witness the unfortunate situation of our postal services. Contact SSS first.

How to Contact SSS About Your Undelivered SSS UMID Card

Okay. So, you’ve waited for your SSS UMID Card to be delivered right at your doorstep, but you’re already hopeless. Don’t you worry. You can email SSS Identity Management Department, and yes, they do respond to your queries on undelivered SSS UMID Card in a matter of hours. Here’s a sample message I sent them through email:

  • Addressee: SSS Identity Management Department [] or []
  • Sample Subject Line: Undelivered SSS UMID Card
  • Sample Message: Hi! I applied for and successfully processed my SSS UMID Card last December 01, 2016 at your SSS Servicing Branch in Diliman, Quezon City. It was over a year ago, and until now, it has not yet been delivered to my residence. With this, I would like to seek your assistance upon tracking the whereabouts of the parcel. For your reference, here are the important details (indicate in bulleted form):
    • Your Full Name (Last Name, First Name Middle Name)
    • Your Birthday
    • Your Current Address
    • Your SSS Number
    • Your Date of SSS UMID Card Application
    • Your SSS Servicing Branch

With my thanks for your attention to this email, I look forward to your prompt response.

After a few hours or a day, expect an SSS customer service representative sending you the tracking and reference numbers together with the screenshot of the post office transaction (delivery date, RTS reason, and others). Your message soon gets forwarded to the local post offices for confirmation of the returned parcel. If you haven’t received any reply within a few more days, you still have the following options:

  • Call SSS Hotline (632) 920-6401,
  • Visit the nearest SSS Servicing Branch, or as your last resort,
  • Inquire about the parcel at your local or city post office.

How to Claim Your Undelivered SSS UMID Card at the Post Office

Since I did not receive further email replies from both Pasig and Quezon City post offices where the SSS representative had my message forwarded to in three days, I tried my luck visiting Pasig Central Post Office. In almost an hour of waiting, my SSS UMID Card was already in my hands. Based on what I experienced, here are what you need to present at the post office:

  • Your SSS UMID Acknowledgement (Application) Stub
  • One (1) Valid Identification Card, and
  • Tracking and Reference Numbers (if available, for ease of transaction)

Disclaimer: The author is not affiliated with the Social Security System (SSS), however a member of the social insurance program. Please take this article as a helpful tutorial on how to track and claim your undelivered SSS UMID Card and not a help page for your other problems and concerns with SSS.