How to Claim Your Google AdSense Payouts via GCash

How to Claim Your Google AdSense Payouts via GCash

Yes, that’s right! You may now receive your Google AdSense payouts via GCash.

While most of the nearby Western Union branches were closed during the months-long pandemic, I managed to claim my Google AdSense payouts, now monthly as I regularly hit the 100USD payment threshold, through Metrobank wire transfer.

I had it that way for around five months until I became curious about the hidden currency conversion rates and possible transfer fees. While the discrepancies between the Googled rates and actual payouts seemed irreconcilable, I shifted back to Western Union and learned about the direct transfer to my GCash account.

Finally, I was able to cut down on the ‘hidden’. And it’s totally convenient as I can do the cash in anywhere and anytime, even a minute after the payout is released by Google AdSense.

To cut this long story short, here’s the process of cashing in with GCash via Western Union, something easier that crackin’ an egg.

How to Claim Your Google AdSense Payouts via GCash

  1. Click CASH IN. As you successfully log in to your GCash account, click the CASH IN icon on the main interface. You will be directed to the available cash-in channels.
  2. Select WESTERN UNION (Global Partners and Remittance). You must set your Google AdSense payout channel to Western Union prior to the payout schedule in order for you to receive it via Western Union and GCash.
  3. Input your EXPECTED AMOUNT and MTCN. You might want to check the equivalent amount of your Google AdSense payout (USD) in the local currency (PHP). Input the approximate amount and the 10-digit MTCN. Proceed to cash in. You will notice that the actual received amount is either higher or lower than the approximate amount by a small discrepancy.

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