How to Get Your Citibank Credit Card Application Approved

How to Get Your Citibank Credit Card Application Approved

Admit it. You’re here because until now, you still haven’t gotten approved on your Citibank credit card application after countless attempts. I had been in the same shoe until just recently that I finally got it. Cheers!

You might have even used different referral links available here and there, but still everything was futile. As they say, fresh referral links work better and have higher chances of getting approved. So, apply now using this referral link.

Take note that I do not have the access to any of your information as you will still be directed to Citibank Philippines official website on your application. I am just making a referral.

Going back, here’s my story and application timeline — how I finally got approved on my Citibank Rewards Mastercard credit card application.

Citi Rewards Card
Citi Rewards Card earns one (1) reward point for every PHP30 spend or get 3X points at all shopping boutiques, department stores, restaurants, and on Cebu Pacific tickets.

May 27 (Friday), 2022. Out of nowhere, I made another attempt to accomplish a credit card application with Citibank. I had many failed attempts already over the past few months, and for the nth time, finally I was able to advance to the uploading of documents.

If you haven’t reached this stage and simply received a note telling you about their ‘update after three days,’ the chance of getting approved is quite small. Also, don’t forget to click ‘Got a Minute? Update your profile’ after your successful uploading of documents.

Just another tip, if you have several declined credit card applications already with Citibank, wait for a few weeks or a month (although 6 months per their SMS) before your next application; otherwise, you will not reach the document uploading stage and receive the templated declined SMS.

May 28 (Saturday), 2022. I got an SMS containing the reference number for my credit card application and an advice to refer to the email sent.

For the next three days, I had been receiving SMS and email the uploading of the documents so I had emailed all documents to, even replied to the email received as the given link once clicked would just display an application received page and nowhere to upload.

The SMS and email regarding the uploading of documents (although you’re able to do it already) seem to be a bug. You may disregard it and simply wait for their call.

May 31 (Tuesday), 2022. I received an email confirmation of my credit card application via my declared company email address. Better check as well your company email address days after your application.

On the same day, I also received another SMS saying Citibank would give an update within 3 business days together with the 17-digit App ID.

June 01 (Wednesday), 2022. I received a CI-call from Citibank and was asked to upload my latest May 16-31 payslip. It was not yet available so I emailed my May 01-15 payslip. I just told them that I would send them the latest should it be available.

June 06 (Monday), 2022. The payslip was still unavailable so I had no follow-up email. I received another call from Citibank confirming the receipt of the payslip I sent them.

I was informed that they would still process my application even with the May 01-15 payslip. I was a little relieved.

June 07 (Tuesday), 2022. I received another call from Citibank, but it was just to confirm the delivery address of my credit card. I took it a hint that I finally would get approved.

At night at exactly 09:44, I received an email about Enrollment to Citi Electronic Statements and Advices. Per FB stories, this means I got approved. Finally!

June 09 (Thursday), 2022. At 03:49PM, I got another email with subject line: ‘Welcome to the World of Rewards,’ and at 06:23PM, a congratulatory email and the lead times for the credit card delivery.

June 10 (Friday), 2022. I received the ITC tracking number for my credit card delivery. I checked the ITCManila website and as displayed, it was already handed to them. By the way, it was a CITI REWARDS MASTERCARD.

Citibank, I must say, has one of the fastest credit card application processes. You get the result — approved or declined — in a matter of three days, although might take a little while if you need more documents or so to prove your credit worthiness.

Citi Rewards Mastercard requires PHP20,000.00 accumulated spending within the first 60 days of approval to enjoy the no annual fees for life promo. Apply now through this referral link and get approved in days.


  1. Hey Signedmarco! Thank you so much for this blog. Very helpful, not just about CC’s and loans but for financial tips as well. Salute and I look forward to more!!! God bless!

  2. Hi! I just want to let you know that I applied through the referral link in your article, and I got instantly approved. Thank you very much.

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