99 Best Products to Sell Online in the Philippines

99 Best Products to Sell Online in the Philippines (2020)

STILL DON’T KNOW what to sell online? You are never alone. Skim through the comment sections down those Facebook e-commerce ad banners, and you’ll find out that more and more Filipinos, with all their entrepreneurial curiosities, ask about the same thing – the best products to sell online TODAY.

I’ve got a good list below, but wait. Don’t skip this intro yet.

Interestingly, the market is not yet saturated as what you fear about and will never be with all your product ideas that are absolutely innovative and responsive to the never-ending needs and changing tastes of Filipino consumers. Launching another online store is never too late. Never.

See, you’ve got plenty of merchandise options out there, and what you should rather mind more seriously as a digital entrepreneur is — how to put all those creative e-commerce ideas together.

Launching an online store is like starting out with a big jigsaw puzzle, yes really that big. You start with a single randomly picked piece, something the same or different from what others would pick, but you shouldn’t worry because there are various entry points in the e-commerce industry. Your piece might be your shortcut key.

What really matters — you start your business right on time, make a firsthand experience, and soon learn the strategies to keep it growing. Your best time to start a business was like ten years ago, but the next one would be TOMORROW.

So, read on and do your research TODAY.

[1] Choose What Products to Sell Online. Generally, products sold online come in two broad categories — commoditized, or those essential, high demand, or popular goods and services, and niche products which are targeted to specific customer base.

You can further narrow down your product choices by considering those that solve customer problems, those close to your heart as being part of your hobby or interest, or those with branding and customization potentials.

99 Best Products to Sell Online in the Philippines (2020)

    1. Skin Care Products
    2. Facial and Other Beauty Products
    3. Customized Enamel Pins
    4. Nail Polish and Gels
    5. Weight Loss Supplements
    6. Weight Gain Supplements
    7. Personal Hygiene Products and Toiletries
    8. Perfumes and Fragrances
    9. Natural Hair Dyes and Other Products
    10. Medical and Non-Prescription Supplies
    11. Fashionable Face Masks
    12. Pajamas and Sleepwear
    13. Jogger and Sweatpants
    14. Shoes and Footwear
    15. Hoodies and Jackets
    16. Bath Towels and Robes
    17. Eyewear and Accessories
    18. Men’s Apparel and Accessories
    19. Women’s Apparel and Accessories
    20. Shapewear
    21. Custom-Made Jewelries
    22. Wrist Watches
    23. Customized Enamel Pins
    24. Ready-to-Ship Gift Items
    25. Personalized Mugs and Tumblers
    26. Adult Toys
    27. Travel Neck Pillows
    28. Vacation and Travel Bags and Gears
    29. Sling Bags, Backpacks, and Trekking Poles
    30. Yoga Mats and Other Lightweight Fitness Equipment
    31. Personal Fitness and Exercise Gears
    32. Kids Story Books
    33. Kids Apparel
    34. Front Facing Baby Carriers
    35. Kids Toys
    36. Art Suppliers
    37. School Supplies
    38. Legos and Other Manipulatives
    39. Inflatable Pools
    40. Baby Bathtubs
    41. Kids Party Costumes
    42. Smartphone Cases and Accessories
    43. Electronic Gadgets
    44. Photography Tools and Accessories
    45. Vlogging Tools and Accessories
    46. Drones and Accessories
    47. Earphones and Other Audio Devices
    48. Wi-Fi Repeaters
    49. Home Security Cameras
    50. Electronic Hairbrush
    51. LED Bulbs and Lights
    52. Portable Power Banks
    53. Vapes and E-Cigarettes
    54. Small Home Appliances
    55. Lightweight Home Furniture
    56. Home Decors
    57. Wall Fixtures and Shelves
    58. Kitchen Tools and Organizers
    59. Baking Tools and Products
    60. Fridge Organizers
    61. Dining Sets
    62. Basic Home Repair Tools
    63. Adjustable Curtain Rods
    64. Food Containers
    65. Home Cleaning Tools and Liquids
    66. Curtains and Blinds
    67. Sofa Bed and Couch Covers
    68. Pillows and Beddings
    69. Lamps and Shades
    70. Humidifiers and Oils
    71. Handcrafted Wood Products
    72. Backyard Gardening Tools and Supplies
    73. Pet Grooming Products
    74. Pet Food
    75. Aquarium Supplies
    76. Cupcakes and Sweets
    77. Preserved Food Products
    78. Coffee and Tea Products
    79. Matcha Green Tea Powder
    80. Homemade Snacks and Chips
    81. Organic Goods
    82. Food Ingredients and Spices
    83. Instant Noodles
    84. Wines and Spirits
    85. Grocery Items
    86. Keto Diet Goods
    87. Product Packaging Supplies
    88. Self-Help Ebooks
    89. Audiobooks
    90. Stock Photos for Digital Marketing
    91. Online Educational Courses
    92. Personal Planners
    93. Video Games
    94. Office Supplies
    95. Small Office Furniture
    96. Car Accessories
    97. Motorcycle Accessories
    98. Car Air Fresheners
    99. Solar Panels

[2] Find Suppliers for Your Products. It’s more challenging than what you first thought of. Before you get scammed by all those fake suppliers fishing around social media, do your thorough research.

Many online business models these days appear vague and covert. You think this or that offers supplies, but you end up buying online courses and memberships. That’s disappointing.

Do all the canvassing and verifying, both online and offline, before making transactions that involve money. You may also get recommendations from those who have already been in the niche or e-commerce industry for quite a long time. Try to make some friends.

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[3] Choose Your Online Selling Platform. As soon as you identify your products and find suppliers, consider which online platform will best suit your business needs and model.

Other online sellers even maintain stores, not just in one, but in various platforms — Facebook Marketplace, Lazada, Shopee, and Carousell. If you have some technical skills and additional startup funds, you may also try Shopify (premium account) and build your own online store or your own e-commerce website using WordPress.

[4] Build Your Online Store. You need some dedicated hours or days to make your online store fully operational. Most e-commerce platforms offer comprehensive tutorials, but getting a step ahead with your own research and readings makes things even easier.

With your laptop or smartphone, uploading catalogs and photos of your products has been as easy as one-two-three. Invest in good photos and complete product details to attract and get more customers informed.

[5] Reach Your Target Market. There is a fierce competition out there. As soon as you launch your online store, you should get a little aggressive by getting closer to your target market, your customers.

In other words, you should clearly identify who will be your future patrons. Do the market segmentation and reach them. You might consider reaching them through social media like Facebook and Instagram, or creating a page dedicated to your business.

[6] Start Marketing Your Products. Most startups make use of Facebook boost and other advertising channels to build the online presence of their business.

Marketing is a vital part of a business, and you should take it at least seriously, if not aggressively. It’s always acceptable to allot a certain startup fund for this in order to speed up your market reach.

[7] Close Deals and Manage Shipments. Your online selling business gets real when you receive your first order and close the deal. Having your online store just launched, you might consider as well giving away freebies or starting your selling price at a low profit margin.

Likewise, you should ensure that your shipping partners provide the best and fastest services in the market. You may not put the blame for delayed or problematic shipments on yourself, but other customers might do.

[8] Keep Your Customers Connected and Satisfied. Apart from all resources you invest in your online selling business, you should also invest in an excellent customer support.

Getting a one-star review or any negative feedback affects the buying decision of other prospective customers. Build a positive relationship with them and do something about those negative reviews.

[9] Expand Your Product Line and Grow Your Business. Let’s say, you start with limited products under a certain category, but you want to satisfy the online shopping experience of your patrons. You want them to stay and buy almost everything available.

Instead of pushing them away because you don’t have the products, listen and understand rather to what they really look for. Decide whether you can have the expansion of your business with additional product lines. Keep your business growing.

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