Best Mobile Apps for Monitoring PSE Stocks

Best Mobile Apps for Monitoring PSE Stocks

Almost everything has gone digital, with a plethora of smartphone apps that provide a broad spectrum of extremely convenient services. Whether iOS or Android, there are a number of downloadable apps for almost all purposes – communicating, dating, shopping, banking, and even stocks monitoring.

Stock investors around the world have been shifting towards mobile platforms and apps that suffice the demands for speedy transactions and real-time market trends and insights.

In the Philippines however, there are still a few locally developed stocks monitoring Android apps that seem creeping a little behind user’s demands.

Here are our picks though for the basic yet helpful and free Android apps for your PSE stock monitoring:

[1] PSEWatch. Right when I entered stock investment back in 2016, I never had a second thought downloading this Android app. I was never disappointed with its basic features that satisfied my needs to monitor stock prices regularly and learn more about financials of publicly listed companies.

PSE Watch (Google Play)

Developed by Kalm Gaming and Internet, PSE Watch helps traders and investors alike track and analyze market trends for Philippine Stock Exchange. It provides real-time stock quotes on market indices, most active, top gainers and losers, and reliable calculations based on one’s configured portfolio.

Interestingly, it has upgraded its features with the recent inclusion of alert notifications available via cloud and SMS. When effortlessly configured, it sends alerts on stock watch price, cut loss, and take profits.

While basic features are absolutely free, premium upgrade offers extremely helpful addons and customizable charting indicators such as MACD Moving Average Convergence and Divergence, Stochastic Oscillator, RSI Relative Strength Index, and Commodity Channel Index.

[2] PSE Finance (Philippine Stock). After a few months with PSE Watch, I got an urge to try other Android apps and settled with PSE Finance (Philippine Stock). While it offers almost the same free features with the former, its red minimalist user interface theme creates a soothing visual effect. I found it totally user-friendly that even at night while laid on bed, I still could do the research and analysis well.

PSE Finance (Google Play)

Developed by Ervin Marasigan, PSE Finance (Philippine Stock) provides a real-time stock investment earnings update through a configurable portfolio tab. Its other features include a ticker with configurable refresh times, Actives, Declines, and Advances tab with presorted stocks, Board Lot displays, and Business News.

Its pro version prevents the display of annoying pop-up ads. It also sends notifications whenever there are significant changes with Watch List items.

[3] PSE Guides and News. Although I haven’t tried this Android app crafted by JP Sagenes, I believe it’s also competitive and worth a download because of its mostly positive user reviews. As it highlights, it offers a comprehensive and handy digital tool for Filipino and foreign investors alike.

PSE Guides and News (Google Play)

PSE Guides and News can be the best app for PSE stock investment beginners. In addition to watch list and price ticker, it also makes the learning of stock investment convenient because of its multifaceted features such as a free access to financial news and economic events, insightful videos and interviews, and a channel for building connections with other investors and traders.

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