How to Begin Cryptocurrency Trading

How To Begin Cryptocurrency Trading

The cryptocurrency market is flourishing rapidly. Despite all the volatility and risks oriented with bitxt app and trading, the user base is increasing on an everyday basis. Most interestingly, in a report called “Imagine 30” issued by the Deutsche Bank, there have been many bold statements supporting the growth of the digital currency and predicting its immense prospects. According to the report, the Deutsche Bank thinks that the current fiat system is fragile. Deutsche Bank expects the digital currency to grow manyfold, approximately a rise of 200 million users by 2030.

The Deutsche Bank opens up its view on the steady growth of cryptocurrencies and the high chances of this digital currency system replacing cash in a few years from now, with the growing frenzy for anonymity and decentralized facilities of investment and payments. As per the predictions of Deutsche Bank experts the cryptocurrency market will grow as rapidly as the internet grew in the last 20 years within 10 years. So, if even you are planning for your first step in crypto trading, take all the necessary suggestions from below pointers.

[1] Pick an Exchange and Create an Account. To begin trading in cryptocurrency you need a platform, and crypto exchanges to buy, hold, and sell cryptos. Pick an exchange according to their transaction charges, list of cryptos available for trading, UI, etc. Coinbase, Binance1, are some of the popular exchanges. Opening an account with a cryptocurrency exchange is quite similar to accounts with a stock brokerage where you need to provide:

  • Provide name, address, DOB, email id, etc.
  • Provide Social Security number
  • Select payment method preference

[2] Link with Bank. After successful signing, you need to link your account with your bank account. One of the basic facilities offered by crypto brokerages is bank funding mostly through debit cards and wire transfers. Exchanges like Coinbase and many others offer funding of your account by wire transfer without any additional charges.

[3] Choose Your Investment in Crypto. While the value of Bitcoin or Ethereum today is huge for many to afford when they want to invest in it. However, there are thousands of altcoins out there with great prospects. Many crypto traders apart from bigger cryptos diversify their investment in smaller altcoins. Both small mid-cap and mid-cap market cryptos pose a definite risk of investment yet as per a market study of small altcoins, they have exhibited a growth of 1,000% within months, and can be a good investment option for risk-tolerant investors.

[4] Choose a Strategy. Cryptocurrency investment can be made in different ways:

  • Scalping. Scalping is one of the most popular methods where traders profit from small movements in the market. The cryptocurrency price moves at frequent intervals and traders take advantage of these movements to build profit. This way small profits are added to make a substantial amount over time.
  • Day Trading. This method is referred to as exiting and entering into a trading transaction on the same day.
  • Swing Trading. Quite similar to day trading in swing trading the span of the transaction is usually more than a single day, week, or month.
  • Buy and Hold. This is referred to long-term investments over a year where traders hold on to their digital assets to sell off when the price is substantially high.
  • Automated Crypto Trading. There are also trading bots that customize and build a strategy for your crypto trading, according to investment goals as per the need of the trader. Many traders use this automated trading to avail robust strategic trading techniques, hassle-free market tracking, and also to avail quick profits.

[5]Wallet. Another important factor in the whole thing that have a great contribution in the investment is the wallets. There are hot wallets and cold wallets as referred to in cryptocurrency trading. Just like you use a wallet to store fiat currency, these wallets are used to store your cryptocurrencies. While hot wallets are online, secured by exchange yet have a risk factor of being hacked. Moreover, you need to remember your unique passcode to access the hot wallet, and forgetting the password can lead to all your digital assets being locked forever.

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