Hi Friend, But Still I Won’t Lend You Money

Hi Friend, But Still I Won't Lend You Money

YOU’RE SERIOUSLY trying to be the most generous and thoughtful person ever, but it just happens that you’ve got these people around you, say your friends and colleagues, that would make you almost the total opposite because they keep on borrowing money and not repaying you right at all. Take a deep breath then.

Hi Friend,

[1] Let’s get it straight to the point. I work hard through the days and earn a meager income which I stretch for the tight budget. I can’t afford another item on this long list of expenses. It’s negative then.

[2] You don’t know how much I value our friendship, the same way I value making regular savings and investments. I am but more than serious about these, and you better be too.

[3] You always complain about getting underpaid, but you don’t do something about it. You don’t even run a solid budget. That makes you live paycheck to paycheck. Or even worse, you’re already behind on all your bills and loans.

[4] Just because I don’t have the same money problems as yours doesn’t mean that I’m rich. It’s just a matter of making personal finance a hell serious thing. You should know that.

[5] We’ve known each other for years. You know my strengths and weaknesses. I know yours. I know that lending you once more won’t help you grow as an economic being. Let’s just be friends.

Hi Friend, But Still I Won't Lend You Money

[6] You always make me wonder whether you really need it, or I just tolerate your bad money habits. Let me double check it first. I’ll get back to you soon.

[7] You’ve got the latest iPhone. Plus, your Instagram seems flooded with your usual buffet dinners. These don’t bring me any bitterness though. At least I still follow you, and I know that you enjoy life more than I do.

[8] You just make me grind my teeth and gnash my fingers. I just saw you at Starbucks the other day, and at a bar last Saturday night. Now, you’re broke. You must be kidding me.

[9] You’ve got too many fictitious stories to tell. It seems that you’re running a big orphanage here and there. You told me that I’d have your name listed. Now, you’re saying that you still have to consult your beneficiaries for the repayment.

[10] You always break your promises. It’s expected anyway. I still have to remind you, and you make me appear like a desperate loan shark. Now I’m a little pissed off.

[11] I hear stories about you borrowing money here and there, and that you’re not good at making repayments. I think I should be the one to cut if off. You should learn your lesson.

[12] You just don’t know how to repay me at all. That’s worst! You always forget about your debts, even the bigger ones. Before you make another, try remembering everything first.

[13] You can’t have it unless you tell me about your concrete debt payoff plan. If not, then I think you should prepare something like a collateral. Knowing you more than anyone else, I should be wiser and more careful.


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