9 Silent Moves to Attract More Blog Sponsors and Advertisers

9 Silent Moves to Attract More Blog Sponsors and Advertisers

LIKE WHAT I DO, you can also take your blogging into a whole new level by forging partnerships with sponsors and advertisers. Not only that such partnerships will bring you additional earnings, these will also help you build your online presence and authority in the blogging niche.

No prior research made, the strategies shared below are the reasons this blog, signed MARCO | Lifestyle and Personal Finance, keeps on becoming more and more authoritative and profitable each day, with hits increasing and sponsors suggesting serious interests. You can read all sponsored articles in our archive here. Most of them, though not all, are paid.

Coffee break, please! In just two days I earned around 40USD (around PHP2,000.00) from blog sponsorships alone while running Google AdSense ads on the more aggressive side. In another article, I revealed that within last year I made more or less PHP50,000.00 from the same means. Blog sponsors were more than willing to pay 25 USD (around PHP1,250.00) for every published article.

It’s what reaffirms me that blogging isn’t dead yet, and it’s still worth it amidst all the vlogging craze that seemingly steals the limelight for content creation and consumption.

It’s already twenty and twenty, and I can’t help it but make some big changes to the terms and conditions, alongside the link placement rates, that is to avoid predators from taking advantage of the free guest posting when in fact, they got affiliate links embedded.

[1] Keep on writing more and more quality content. It’s what keeps my blog alive, and what makes sponsors and digital marketers convinced about how serious I am with this enterprise. Equally, when readers see that I make daily uploads of insightful articles, they feel that it’s worth their regular visits.

[2] Exhaust all efforts to make the blog design even more functional and attractive. I do a lot of CSS tweaking and experiments with plugins that add to the value, user experience and functionalities. One’s perception of professional blogging starts with the physical value itself.

[3] Make sure everything gets mobile friendly and responsive. Google penalizes blogs for not being mobile responsive. The same way, readers won’t get back to pages that are problematic with all those obtrusive ads and distorted layout. People read content on their smartphones, the same with potential sponsors and advertisers.

[4] Ditch those that turn off readers and advertisers. Aside from messy layouts, obvious grammatical errors, unprofessional and unethical approaches to writing, and even niche inconsistencies turn off anybody else, not only the sponsors and advertisers. I make sure that my blogs reflect my high moral standards and principles, in addition to the level of subject expertise.

[5] Respond promptly to all email inquiries and invitations. While I don’t reply to spam emails, I make sure that serious emails from potential blogging partners get a response within the day itself. I usually get straight to the point because there’s no good reason to make close friends with them, just a purely business relationship.

[6] Communicate clearly all sponsorship terms and conditions. I shouldn’t sound that desperate to earn money from all those sponsorships and affiliates, even from ad placements. I don’t think I’d run this blog sustainable without ensuring a balance between content quality and earnings. That’s where my terms and conditions apply.

[7] Do all the negotiations. I have my standards and so do the people and business entities that suggest their partnership interests. Quality is my top priority, and sometimes I also have to turn down offers to make things work my way. For instance, I refuse links to gambling sites despite the big offers.

[8] Cooperate with them for the achievement of the shared goals. My goal upon blogging is to share information and expertise and make it sustainable by grabbing these earning opportunities. Their goal, on the other hand, is to get found and closer to their target market. These goals but meet at the crossroads of negotiation and cooperation.

[9] Maintain a welcoming blogging environment for all, including sponsors and advertisers. I don’t close my doors to all the possibilities and earning potentials that come with blogging although there are measures needed to put ahead of anything else. When readers are happy, so are the sponsors and advertisers.

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