5 Tips for Applying for a New Job in Another Industry

5 Tips for Applying for a New Job in Another Industry

Perhaps you are seriously considering switching to a new industry because you are bored and frustrated with your current job, or the sector you work in offers few opportunities for advancement. If so, you are not alone. A recent poll conducted by global online employment solution Monster revealed that 88 percent of Filipinos are contemplating leaving their jobs for a new career in another industry.

Whether you are aiming for financial stability, career fulfillment, or a challenging environment, changing your career path could be difficult unless you make the necessary preparations. To help you make a successful move, here are several tips you should consider:

[1] Learn Everything You Can

Since you do not have any experience in the sector you are eyeing, the least you can do is to have sufficient knowledge of the industry. Read books, newsletters, blogs, journals, and other relevant literature you can find to learn about the current trends, developments, and conditions in your desired field. You may also want to consider taking relevant courses and training that you can include in our resume or asking people in the area you are considering for more information.

For instance, if you aspire for accounting and finance jobs in manila, it would be best to start reviewing the financial statements of the various businesses you intend to work in or sign-up for relevant online classes. Spend time learning everything you can about these companies so that instead of merely describing yourself as a quick study, you can hold an intelligent conversation with the hiring manager. By doing so, you can show your initiative and commitment—two impressive traits that prospective employers always look for in their candidates.

[2] Customize Your Resume to Match Requirements

You only have a few seconds to catch the attention of the recruitment officer reviewing your resume. If you do not give them what they want to see during this brief period, your chances of getting an interview will most likely fly out of the window.

Instead of sending generic application documents, be sure to revise your resume according to the job requirements posted by the company you desire. Use industry-specific language or key phrases that you read on the job posting and highlight leadership, functional or operational skills that are transferable into the new work environment when crafting your resume.

Let’s say your background is marketing and you are applying for a position in an investment company. Present your application in such a way that the hiring manager will realize that your marketing skills can benefit them. Perhaps you can explain in your cover letter how you can help the investment team sell their business ideas to attract investors and close deals.

[3] Be Ready to Explain Your Purpose

Although it is understandable to seek opportunities for financial gain, you may want to look for a deeper motivation to change industries. Hiring managers will most likely ask why you are making the big switch, so you better prepare to explain your reason. Take note that prospective employers are not inclined to hire employees who only work for the paycheck.

Focusing your purpose solely on material gain could be construed as a lack of passion and engagement. Whether you are seeking career growth or hoping to work in the field that can make you happy, make sure to uncover what sincerely motivates you to find employment in a different industry before you start sending out resumes.

[4] Try Despite the Fear

Applying for a new job in a different industry can be scary. You will leave your comfort zone and face many unknowns. But if you genuinely believe that the career change will make you happier and more fulfilled, there is no harm in trying.

Search for positions you want, adjust your application documents accordingly, and send them to different companies. While there is a possibility that you may get rejected, remember that there is also a chance that you may land an interview and get the job eventually. At the end of the day, trying is still better than doing nothing.

Take things slow to lessen the burden of making drastic changes. For one, you may want to secure a job offer first before quitting your current job. You can also do some activities on the side that can express your passion in the new field you desire. For example, if you want a position in the non-profit sector, you can do volunteer work during weekends to beef up your credentials.

[5] Be Patient

Successful career transitions rarely happen overnight. It may take a while before you get noticed or get invited for a job interview. Be patient when things do not go your way. While you do not have control over the results, you have complete control of your actions. Continue learning, expanding your network, and sending out resumes. Keep in mind that the right opportunity comes to those who persevere and wait.

Job search in the Philippines has always been challenging, and switching to another industry makes the process even more difficult. Nonetheless, nothing is impossible if you have a clear direction and are committed to your search. Do not be afraid to take on the challenge so you can finally find the career path that will give you financial and personal satisfaction.