Apple’s 399USD iPhone SE and Some Sudden Not-Now Thoughts

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The coronavirus pandemic didn’t stop Apple from unveiling another smartphone under its iPhone product line — the second-generation iPhone SE — which became an instant talk of the tech world. In fact, this writeup comes a little late and may not make either a tick or a tock as people get obsessed about it given its price tag (starts at 399USD or at PHP26,490.00 in the Philippines) and the status symbol it promises.

Had I not purchased a phone just a few months back and found myself dissatisfied with this Samsung Galaxy A50, I would’ve made a purchase reservation. Materialistic millennial as can be worst tagged, I am no far different from others out there who also fancy owning an Apple iPhone.

The truth is, I have never owned one in my entire life because it has always been EXPENSIVE (and secondhand phone is never an option), but given the price of such released model, I think I can finally afford, although still not today.

While I should ditch the strong temptation and forget about it, I still searched (actually I just clicked on the first Google page result) for its specs, and these are the highlights I found.

  • A13 Bionic Processor
  • 64GB/128GB/256GB of Storage
  • 4.7in (1334×750 at 326 ppi) Display, 625 nits Brightness, 1400:1 Contrast, True Tone
  • 12Mp (f/1.8) Rear-Facing Camera with Flash, Portrait Mode, 4K Video
  • 7Mp (f/2.2) Front-Facing Camera, Portrait Mode
  • IP67 Water and Dust Resistance
  • 138.4 x 67.3 x 7.3 mm; 148g

When buying a smartphone, I do consider three uncomplicated factors — NEED, BRAND EXPERIENCE, and COST.

I do not buy another phone when I still have one that decently works without giving much headache, or unless its battery drains fast, web browsing lags more often than before, and its camera gets unbearably blurry. I do make a purchase decision primarily based on a big need to replace the current one. It’s the NEED, not the trend, that takes me to the gadget world once in a while.

BRAND EXPERIENCE, although a secondary consideration, plays also a big role in my decision. I always look for a brand that promises a ‘real’ gadget, alongside its productivity, that lasts for at least three years. I mentioned in another article that I had a nightmare buying a China-made phone a long time ago just for its premature camera and video features and then got no choice but to dump it after three or six months of its counterproductivity.

Getting wiser each day with my informed purchase decisions, I don’t look for high-end smartphones worth a whopping PHP50,000.00 or even higher. Gadgets should never be misunderstood as investments as their value depreciates over time, even faster than ever imagined. I usually go for mid-range phones that COST less than PHP20,000.00 and ditch the guilt of buying it after a year of its maximized productivity. After all, I don’t do much with my phone except the usual — social media, web browsing, email, and online accounts management.

On my end, I’ll skip buying Apple’s iPhone SE (2020) because I don’t need one yet, but both the brand, of course, and the cost can really be enticing. It’s just that my current smartphone still works seamlessly, and buying another just makes it redundant.

Nevertheless, I am not against buying expensive gadgets. It’s your money. It’s your decision. Perhaps I am not just fascinated enough by the innovative features that gadgets offer because I have the mindset that these get obsolete over time. Perhaps I am just a poor guy who can’t afford what others can. Whatever you think about me though, I just turned my thoughts into words. Shots!

As a reiterative parting note, material things per se may not give us genuine happiness, but at least alternative means of trying to make it.

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