52-Week Challenge to Save Up to PHP50K [Infographic]

52-Week Challenge to Save Up to PHP50K [Infographic on Saving]

Save now! How many times have you told yourself that you were going to save money, only to fall short along the way? With your monthly expenses, emergency fund, and day-to-day transactions draining your wallet, it seems that you’re never running out of things to spend on.

If you’ve constantly been browsing the internet for ways on how you can save more money, you’ve probably come across the 52-week challenge at some point. In case you still don’t know what it is, it’s basically a year-long challenge that can allow you to save as much as P50,000.

Ever since this idea went viral on the web, multiple variations of the challenge have been made to suit different lifestyles, salaries, and spending habits. Despite the differences in rules and mechanics, all versions have the same end goal: to allow you to save more money.

It may look easy on paper, but the 52-week challenge is named that way for a reason. It’s a difficult year-long commitment that most people tend to break along the way. But just like any long-term challenge, the reward that you’ll get will definitely make things worth it. Other than being able to save a hefty amount, you’ll also have a stronger sense of discipline when it comes to handling your finances.

If you follow a clear method of saving, you’ll have a much better chance of saving more money. Are you up for the task? Take a look at this infographic from PawnHero for more details and tips on the 52-week challenge.

52-Week Challenge to Save Up to PHP50K [Infographic on Saving]