5 Things Millennials Can Invest In for 2019

5 Things Millennials Can Invest In for 2019

You’ve heard it time and time again: millennials aren’t investing in the right things. Many a financial analyst has lamented over the fact that millennials aren’t buying this or that. In fact, according to the Manila Standard, research has shown that millennials are investing more in experiences rather than typical monetary investments. However, that doesn’t mean that they’re frivolous with their money: the same studies have also shown that millennials are actually more likely to plan their spending than previous generations ahead of them. So, if you’re a young adult looking to get more out of your money, here are a few things you can invest in besides your next Insta-worthy trip.

[1] Real Estate

5 Things Millennials Can Invest In for 2019To the detriment of the real estate industry, despite the boom in investment opportunities, Entrepreneur reports that millennials are not buying properties. Compared to previous generations, millennials are marrying older and prioritizing owning real estate less— but that doesn’t mean that they can’t. Given the right research and opportunities, you too can put your money in land and have it gradually appreciate as the years go by. Just do your research first, and you’ll find loads of opportunities in the market.

[2] Insurance Policies

5 Things Millennials Can Invest In for 2019For many young people, investing in insurance might seem like a waste of money. But good things come to those who wait, and getting variable universal life insurance (VUL) early on might mean higher returns in the years to come. VUL is permanent as long as you keep paying your premiums, which means a little bit comes back to you on a regular basis. Investing in insurance is also investing in the future of your family, so don’t let opportunity pass you by and go take a look at plans that are good for you and your lifestyle.

[3] Stocks

Most people would rather just let their money sit in a bank and gain interest, but that’s not the only thing you can do with it. Stocks may seem hard to get into, but they’re fairly easy once you’ve gotten the hang of it. Local stock brokerage First Metro Security urges that millennials not be afraid to invest in stocks, and liken it to shopping online. Simply do your research, and you’ll find you can get more for your money.

[4] Cryptocurrency

Investing in digital currency might seem like a gamble, but it’s one that’ll pay off. While Bitcoin is the most popular choice, there are other, cheaper cryptocurrencies that might prove just as valuable in the years to come. After all, with everything entering the digital age, there’s no reason to assume money won’t, either. Daydreaming in Paradise has an article on blockchain in the Philippines, and doing a bit of research on this and the related topics is your first step into the future when considering whether or not to enter the crypto market.

[5] Forex Trading

Finally, try to check out Forex (foreign exchange) trading. Just like cryptocurrency, investing in such a liquid market is sure to bring good returns, if you play your cards right. The foreign exchange market is where all the world’s currencies trade, and requires a careful methodology to get right. Choose a trustworthy broker and be careful with your entry and exit times, and with practice you’ll find that it’s one of the best investments you can make. Need more info? Check out the iMillennial guide to investing in the stock market for more info.

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