11 Ways to Make Money While You Sleep [Infographics]

11 Ways to Make Money While You Sleep (Infographics)

In April 2017, I published an article, 27 Passive Income Ideas and Opportunities, that has since served our millennial teachers a somewhat comprehensive guide for managing extra time productively and exerting a little effort to make money on the side while performing professional roles. As I have written, we might not have enough capital to purchase huge investments such as in real estate and equities, but the creative ideas can help a lot to make money, even while asleep. Take note, most of them simply require a little work or our ‘sweat equity’ (Check the article here).

Today, we are but very lucky to have fresh passive income ideas from our guest blogger who still finds time crafting really helpful infographics and who also shares the same advocacy – promoting financial literary among young Filipino millennials. Go slow with these 11 ways on how to make money even while you sleep, and don’t forget sharing them to your friends and colleagues out there!

Time is the greatest equalizer. Whoever you might be, you only have 24 hours of it in a day. Every second that passes can no longer be reclaimed. Forever gone.

It’s not like money. We can’t literally save time. We can’t put it in our pockets. We can’t invest it in the bank. It can’t earn us dividends. And even the richest and most powerful people can’t do anything about it.

But while this is the case, we can still make time our ally. We can make it work for us. We can make it earn us money. If you know about compound interest, you know what I’m talking about. But I’m not here to talk about that. I’m here to convince you to get off your butt and make your time count, every second of it. Make money while you sleep.

Ready to make the adage, “Time is money,” a reality? Our list of passive income ideas is here to help you get started. So, what are you waiting for? Remember, “Time is gold.”

[1] Rental Properties

[2] Cryptocurrency Mining and Masternodes

[3] Build or Buy Websites

[4] Peer-to-Peer Lending

[5] Dividend Investing: Buy Dividend Stocks

[6] Crowdfunded Real Estate and REIT

[7] High-Yield Savings Accounts

[8] Royalties

[9] Sell Digital Products

[10] Become a Silent Business Partner or Buy an Existing Business

[11] Low-Maintenance Business Ideas and Outsourcing

The article was written and submitted for publication (as guest post) by Amiel Pineda. He is a business and finance columnist at Grit PH, where he also authored this massive list of 100+ small business ideas in the Philippines.